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10 shows to watch on Hulu from the 90s

90s Shows on Hulu
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I’ve been binge watching so many shows since this past Summer on Hulu so I figured I would share with you guys some of my favorites from the 90s era. It’s a mixture of adult animation and a dash of sci-fi fantasy, but it’s mostly sitcoms that I’ve grown to appreciate as an adult! Check these out!

Best 90s shows on Hulu

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

This is my most recent binge watch. I was a huge fan of The Vampire Diaries and when I was a kid I unfortunately enjoyed Twilight…. but Buffy the Vampire Slayer was the original vamp show that started it off. I put off watching this show for awhile, but eventually threw myself into watching Buffy slaying vampires and all other types of demons with her friends (the Scooby gang). A great show to watch if you want to see a powerful girl fighting demons from high school into college.

Living Single

If you liked Friends, then you’ll love Living Single which is technically what the show Friends was based off of. See the lives of 20 year olds transitioning to their 30s as they deal with their careers, friendships, and most of all their love lives. I definitely grew to love this show because it is extremely relatable.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch

I grew up watching this every morning as a kid. Follow the teen to college life adventures of Sabrina who finds out she’s a witch as she goes through a variety of life changes being a student as well as being a magical being.

King of the Hill

This is probably my favorite adult animation. See the adventures that conservative Hank Hill gets into when his life is rocked by his family as well as his friends in Arlen, Texas.

Sailor Moon

The show that kicked off my love for anime and one of my obsessions from childhood. Follow the life of the magical girl Usagi as she fights evil from the Negaverse while trying to navigate life as a student. This has a more nostalgic value for me for sure. A great show for kids and adults to watch. Although I feel like Sailor Moon Crystal which is also on Hulu is a bit better for adults if you want the true storyline.

Married with Children

See the life of the Bundy family as they live in a suburban Chicago home and deal with different events in their life. It includes an unfortunately misogynistic shoe salesman, a housewife that doesn’t do much, and slacker kids. The show is actually very hilarious.

Hanging wth Mr. Cooper

A former NBA player becomes a basketball coach and a teacher once his career ends. He ends up having a variety of different situations occur as he navigates his career, friendships, and dating life. This was a pretty decent sitcom. I want to say I watched this when I was a kid mainly because Raven Symone was in it.

Just Shoot Me

This is a show about a high style magazine and the different issues that come along with maintaining it while the different employees go through various events in their life. I knew I was going to love this show mainly because 2 of the actors/actress are in the Disney movie The Emperor’s New Groove. I’m a huge fan of that Disney movie and their characters in this show are hilarious. I just started watching this show and it’s actually quite funny.


I absolutely loathed Frasier as a child and would fall asleep watching it all the time. This mostly happened because I had no idea what was going on in this show. However watching this show as an adult, I stay laughing. I love this show so freaking much. It follows the issues that occur with Dr. Frasier Crane who is a psychologist that offers advice on the radio to his listeners. It also focuses on the other family and friends in this show displaying how their lives are affected in different scenarios. It’s becoming one of my favorite sitcoms to be honest.

Will & Grace

I binge watched the original Will & Grace series this past Summer and when I tell you guys….. the relationship between Will & Grace is so toxic. I’m laughing writing this because I couldn’t even stop watching this show because of the drama within this sitcom. I also am a huge fan of the other characters Jack & Karen! They are my favorites of the show to be honest. It was just so much happening within this series where I just realized that the characters in this series had a lot of growing to do and whether they actually grew was pretty debatable. It’s very well-written and definitely a great sitcom to watch if you like a lot of drama.

So I hope you guys found this roundup list of my favorite shows on Hulu from the 90s. I highly recommend all of these shows if you’re looking for something to watch on Hulu from that era. A lot of these shows are actually pretty relatable even though they’re kind of old. I also have to say that I do love the fashion aesthetic from the 90s so if you’re a fan of that too, then you should check these out!

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