Remember Me movie review – Netflix Romance movie or is it???

Remember Me movie review
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This past weekend I had the urge to watch a romance movie so I headed on over to Netflix and typed in “Romance movies”. I want to say Remember Me was the 2nd movie listed at the top so I figured I’d give it a watch. Now I’ll be honest and say… apart of me didn’t have high hopes for this movie because Robert Pattinson was in it. I have nothing against Robert Pattinson, but I must say that I’ve only seen him in Twilight and the acting was good at all in that movie even though for some reason I will watch the Twilight series (for nostalgia value and not quality obviously).

Today I figured I would share with you guys my overall opinion of this movie and whether it’s worth the watch without spoiling it.

Remember Me movie review – Netflix Romance movie or is it???

Summary: After a tragedy at different times of their lives, 2 college students meet & “fall in love” as they try to deal with their own personal issues in life.

First of all, the movie doesn’t seem like a romance movie to me to be honest.

There is so much going on in this movie. Everyone’s trying to figure out life while trying to figure out themselves and come to terms with their negative attributes. The couple to me… just connects the concept of the story. It’s like “Yeah there is a relationship there, but it’s too much other stuff going on that I’m not even that interested in their relationship.” I’m more interested in the other non-romantic relationships.

I don’t like the romantic relationship that the story is centered on at all.

The way it started off is messed up. The way it unfolds could be seen as cute, but to me it just seemed like a lot of people needed some consistent therapy. There were so many times in the movie where I was like “If that were me, I wouldn’t have even stuck around…” This romance is definitely centered on escaping then builds into something more as well as unexpected.

I loved that the actress who played Belle from “Once Upon A Time” was in it.

I was super excited to see that she was the love interest. It’s always we’rd when I see people that I wouldn’t expect to see in certain movies or shows.

The ending will blindside you super hard.

When I came to the end of the movie, I just felt………… I don’t even know how to explain it. It just made me feel overwhelmed and I wasn’t expecting it to go that route at all. The ending is definitely not something that you would naturally think about. I read some of the reviews on this movie after I saw it and I noticed critics liked the movie up until the ending. I understand why they felt that way because of the circumstances. To me it just made me feel like, “This was a very realistic story..”

I thought the opening scene would have had more of an impact.

The movie starts of pretty messed up and to me it seemed like it didn’t have that much of an effect on the ending. I always feel like the beginning and endings should connect, but to me…. it didn’t really or at least not how I thought it would considering the story wasn’t focused that much on the characters we see in the first 2 minutes..

Was Remember Me actually worth the watch? Is Remember Me a good romance movie on Netflix?

The movie was actually pretty good,but I wouldn’t consider it a romance movie. It just seemed like more of a drama film. Robert Pattinson’s acting… was decent. It was believable. The storylines for each character is what kept me wanting to see what would happen next. The movie was very realistic. That’s pretty much the only way to describe it. It’s something that definitely could have happened or be happening.

Interested in watching it? Head on over to Netflix today!

Remember Me movie review

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