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Dryel 101: Dry Clean at home with ease with Dryel


I am a Dryel Ambassador. This is a sponsored post & I was sent this item to try in exchange for my honest opinion.

There are so many clothes that I own that are ‘Dry Clean Only’, but going to the cleaners is such a hassle. Not only do I have to bag all of the clothes and take them there, but I also end up paying around $4+ per clothing item that I want cleaned. However there is a way that you can wash your “Dry Clean Only” clothes at home now. Dryel has an At Home Dry Cleaner kit that can be used to wash your dry clean only clothes all from the comfort of your own home so I knew I had to share this with you guys.

Dryel 101: Dry Clean at home with ease with Dryel

Dryel review

Dryel Dry Ckean at Home

The Dryel At Home Cleaner kit comes with a stain pen, odor & wrinkle releaser, & a fabric protection bag along with 4 cleaning cloths.

One of the things I love about this is that Dryel offers dry cleaning results without the use of harsh chemicals & they use a steam cleaning system which assists wth removing bacteria as well as odors from clothes.

You pre-treat the small stains by using the On-the-Go stain pen. Then you use the Odor & Wrinkles releaser to treat high odor areas. I use this on the armpit areas myself.

**You can test a small area of your clothing that you plan on steam washing by applying a small amount of stain remover & rubbing it with paper towel to see if any dye is removed. (If it is, you shouldn’t use this product on that item). You can also check for water spotting as well by testing a hidden area for water spots.

Dry Clean at Home

You add 1-5 clothing items along with a Dryer Activated Cleaning cloth inside of the reusable Fabric Protection bag. You tumble dry the clothes inside the bag on medium heat for 15 minutes to refresh & renew or for 30 minutes for more of a deep cleaning.

The cleaning cloth and the fabric protection bag work together to steam and restore clothes for a fresh washed look. Once the dryer turns off, you then promptly hang up your clothes so that the wrinkles can fall out and your clothes are pretty much ready to wear!

I absolutely loved how easy it was to clean my favorite sweaters and jackets. I loved even more that I didn’t have to actually head to the cleaners myself and that I didn’t have to pay almost $30 to get my items dry cleaned. This is definitely an affordable way to clean your dry clean only items. I highly recommend checking out this Dryel At-Home Dry Cleaner kit today! It’s worth a try.

Dryel 101

Plus you can easily buy Dryel refill kits to have in your home so you can continue to dry clean your clothes in your own dryer in the future once you use up everything in the At-Home Dry Cleaner kit.

Dryel is such a great option for dry cleaning clothes at home. It made things so much easier in my life with being able to clean my Dry Clean only clothes from home and I highly recommend it!

So now it’s time for you guys to chime in. Would you want to try Dry Cleaning your clothes at home?

Let me know in the comments down below! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Rose Ann Sales says:

    I also have clothes that are for dry clean only. Thanks for sharing this,so helpful.

  2. angela says:

    Dryel never heard about this product. Interesting to know about it. Thanks for sharing

  3. Oh this sounds awesome, might need to check this product out.

  4. This seems neat! I never heard of this before but will look out for it going forward!

  5. This sounds so convenient and so easy to do! I would love to try this out at home!

  6. Kuntala says:

    Dry cleaning options at home is what we really need. Dryel looks to be a good product, not sure if I can get it here

  7. I need this too! I often go to the cleaners for dry clean before. At least with this, no need to go outside and pay more

  8. will look for this product in the market. I badly need something like this

  9. Live and learn. How quickly technology moves!

  10. Marjie Mare says:

    I did not know about this product and I thank you for sharing it. I will try to find it.

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