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DIY Hufflepuff Gift Basket Ideas | Harry Potter Gifts

Hufflepuff Gift Ideas
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Do you know anyone who is a Hufflepuff? Why not make them this must have Hufflepuff gift basket?!!

I came up with 5 different Hufflepuff gift baskets that you can DIY.. So let’s jump into this Harry Potter DIY gift idea!

5 DIY Hufflepuff Gift Basket Ideas | Harry Potter Gifts

Harry Potter Gift

Hufflepuff Snack Gift Basket

The first Hufflepuff gift basket is this snack basket which includes a Hufflepuff journal, Butterfinger bites, Peanut M&M’s, Golden Oreos, & a Pineapple Fanta pop.

You can also add in other yellow candies and snacks too!

Harry Potter Gift Basket

Hufflepuff Shirt Gift Basket

In the 2nd Hufflepuff gift basket, there is this yellow Sailor Justice shirt. This is probably one of my favorite graphic tees, but you could just buy a regular Hufflepuff shirt! I added in some Golden Oreo mini cookies and Butterfinger Bites with this Hufflepuff gift idea.

Hufflepuff Gift Ideas

Hufflepuff Plaid Clothes Gift Basket

In this 3rd DIY gift basket, I put in a yellow plaid skirt, Golden Oreos, Peanut M&M’s, and the Butterfinger Bites.

You could also simply add a yellow plaid shirt to the gift basket to make it more gender neutral. I recommend buying one of these Yellow plaid oversized button-up shirts or a yellow plaid skirt.

Hufflepuff Gifts

Hufflepuff Outfit Gift Basket

In the 4th Hufflepuff gift basket, I made this Harry Potter gift basket that includes the yellow Sailor Justice shirt, a yellow plaid skirt, some yellow candies and cookies, plus a Hufflepuff journal.

Harry Potter gifts

Hufflepuff Outfit + Journal + Snacks Basket

This last basket has everything; an outfit, journal, & yellow snacks.

So I hope you guys liked these DIY Hufflepuff gift basket ideas. I know I absolutely love them and would love to receive one if I didn’t already have these items in my possession.

Let me know what you think! Would you like one of these Hufflepuff gift baskets? Chime in with the comment section down below!

Thanks for reading you guys! I really appreciate it!

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