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25 Awesome Gifts for Teenage Girls | Gift Ideas

Gifts for Teenage Girls

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I decided to come up with a list of things teen girls would love to have as a gift. These are going to be teenage girl gift ideas based on what I would want if I was a teen myself (based on what’s trending and popular now) and what I see other girls wanting nowadays. So check out these gift ideas for teen girls today!

25 Awesome Gifts for Teenage Girls | Gift Ideas

Fila Sneakers

My favorite sneakers


I recommend buying cute boots & Fila sneakers.


A really cute dress is always a great buy. Here are some of my favorites that are under $25.

Dragon Flower Tank Dress

Camisole Skater Dress

Overall Dress


Get them into taking pictures by buying them a Polaroid type camera like a Fujifilm.

Or SPLURGE and buy them a standard digital camera set that has more of a practical use. It’ll be a great gift if they are thinking about getting into photography or starting a Youtube channel.

Ring Light

A ring light is a must have for any potential Youtuber or beauty influencer. Teens can use this to make their Instagram photos or Youtube videos look gorgeous.


The perfect purse backpack is a must have. It can be a statement piece that they can wear to school or while they’re out and about in everyday life. This one comes in different colors.

Vanity Mirror

I also recommend buying them a nice makeup mirror to put on their dresser.

Mirror Jewelry Cabinet

This is also a must have that they’ll love! They can know they look good and keep their accessories inside.


Get them a signature perfume that they’ll absolutely love!

Buy them an Ariana Grande perfume. I have heard that both Cloud & Sweet Like Candy smell good.

You could also get them a Beyonce perfume. I actually bought this one for my 22nd birthday. 7 years later, it is still one of my favorite scents.


A laptop is a must have. I recommend getting one of these from Best Buy or from Amazon.

Splurge – Buy them an Apple MacBook Air or Pro.

Real Tea Set

Get them a cute tea set for them to sip tea, juice, or pop out of. It’s a very grown up item that they can have when they invite friends over. I love this pink tea set and this blue one.

I also really like these tea cups!

Eco Lip Balm

Eco Lips lip balm

If you’re on a budget, buy them some Eco Lips lip balms. Eco Lips lip balm will make your lips feel super soft & I love that they’re a cruelty free brand. This is one of their holiday sets and it comes with balms like Gingerbread, Raspberry Truffle, & Candy Cane. I am a huge fan of the gingerbread one myself. It makes me want to bake gingerbread cookies.

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Leather Jacket

You can pair one of these jackets with pretty much anything. I know this yellow & black jacket is my absolute favorite. It stands out, but I also recommend buying a black one or a red one too.

Teddy Coat

This is the must have coat will keep them warm and stylish during the cooler times of year.


Add a striped turtleneck or cute printed turtleneck to their wardrobe that can be paired with jeans and skirts.


Sitting Pillow for their room

I love sitting pillows because they are super comfortable. Buy a sitting pillow and then purchase this Bratz cover for a sitting pillow.


Buy them one of these gorgeous necklaces and personalize it with their birthstone

Headphones or Earbuds

If you don’t mind splurging, buy Airpods or Beats.

If you’re on a budget, buy these earbuds or these headphones. They’ll appreciate it a lot.

Cute Tote Bags

Cute Tote Bag

I am a huge fan of tote bags. They are affordable and you can show off your unique style or favorite characters when you wear them with your outfits.

Fierce Lisa bag

DW bag

Bobby Hill That’s My Purse bag

Arthur bag

Friends Crap Bag

Spooky Basket

Gift Basket

Give them a gift basket that they’ll like filled with some great items they can actually use.

Try recreating this DIY Spooky Basket.


Buy them a nice tapestry that they can hang up in their room. I have bought a few myself that I love. Here are a few I recommend;

Black Mandala Tapestry

Purple & Blue Marble Tapestry

Forest Trees Tapestry



Teen girls usually begin experimenting with makeup at this age. So why not buy them one of these eyeshadow palettes or lipstick sets.

Hat – Beret or Felt Hat

Berets will never go out of style. They are one of my go to hats for the Fall and Winter seasons. Black felt hats are also great for the Spring, Summer, & Fall seasons too.


A bracelet or a watch always is a nice addition to a collection. Give the gift of jewelry.

Mug Gift Ideas

A Mug

I’ll be honest, most teens probably wouldn’t want a mug… but if you get them a cute one with one of their favorite characters on it (+ a gift card along with it)… they’ll love it.

Lisa Simpson mug (for right handed people)

Lisa Simpson mug (for right handed people)

Poison Apple mug

Ravenclaw mugHufflepuff mugSlytherin mugGryffindor mug (Harry Potter mugs + Harry Potter mugs on Amazon)

Disney mugs + Unique Disney mugs

Anime mugs + Unique Anime mugs

Funny mugs on Amazon

Aggretsuko mug

So that’s my roundup for gifts for teen girls! Start shopping today!

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