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DIY Candy Mug Gift Idea

Mug Gift Ideas
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I just recently got into collecting cute pop culture mugs. I  think that one of the best gifts you can give is a mug because you can use them practically everyday. Today I figured I could share with you guys this simple candy mug gift idea that is easy to put together as a quick gift for any person you know. This would make a great gift to give a friend, teacher, or even grandparent. So let’s jump into this candy mug gift idea!

DIY Candy Mug Gift Idea

candy mug

Lisa Simpson mug (for right handed people)

Affordable Gift Idea

Lisa Simpson mug (for right handed people)

Firstly, you choose your mug.

Here are some mugs that you guys can buy now;

Poison Apple mug

Ravenclaw mug, Hufflepuff mug, Slytherin mug, Gryffindor mug (Harry Potter mugs + Harry Potter mugs on Amazon)

Disney mugs + Unique Disney mugs

Anime mugs + Unique Anime mugs

Funny mugs on Amazon

Aggretsuko mug

Disney mug

Next you’ll add 2 candy canes and some Hershey kisses inside of the mug. You can actually use pretty much any miniature candies, but I figure candy canes and Hershey kisses would be best for this.

You can wrap up the dish in a saran wrap and give it to the person you want to give it to.

This is a very simple gift that you can make and give to anyone.

So let me know what mug you plan on using to make this candy mug gift idea by leaving a comment down below!

Ravenclaw gift idea

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