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DIY Mean Girls Gift Basket | Unique Gift Ideas

Mean Girls Gift Basket

I am an Amazon Affiliate. This post contains affiliate links. I will be paid a small percentage of payment from the purchase you buy. See Disclaimer here.

This post contains affiliate links. I will receive a small commission if any items are purchased through my links.

Are you a huge fan of Mean Girls or no someone who loves the movie? Then you’ll love this Mean Girls themed gift basket that I made. It’s easy to put together once you know where to buy all of the Mean Girl themed items so let’s dive into this Mean Girls gift idea!

DIY Mean Girls Gift Basket | Unique Gift Ideas

Mean Girls Gift

Mean Girls Movie

Firstly, put the Mean Girls dvd inside of it. I decided to go with the double feature dvd which has Mean Girls as well as Clueless in it.

Burn Book

This Mean Girls Burn Book notebook is a must have. It can make a great journal or diary that you can write in.

Boo You Whore

I love these Boo You Whore socks. I bought these from Hot Topic.

She Doesnt Even Go Here

You can also get this “She Doesn’t Even Go Here” coaster set. I am a big fan of these coasters.

Mean Girls Gift

This Burn Book zipper bag is great for carrying your money, cards, keys, and lip balm in.

Pink Blanket

I added a pink plush blanket since I absolutely love the one I own. It’s a practical gift you can use pretty much everyday.

As for the pink basket that holds everything, I actually purchased this from Amazon. It had a set of 4 containers in different colors so I thought it was a great buy since I had a bit of trouble finding a pink container. I usually see pink containers around the Spring season for Easter at dollar stores like Dollar Tree or Dollar General so just a heads up if you’re looking for one.

Overall, this is an awesome gift to give anyone who is a Mean Girls fan. So start recreating your own DIY Mean Girls Gift Basket today!

Mean Girls

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