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Get to know each other this date night through the game of Pando | Date Ideas

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I love date nights and being able to enjoy the company of my boyfriend while also just learning more about him in general. I know quite a few couples that have been together for decades, but there are a lot of random things they don’t know about the person their with (which depending on the topic can be pretty interesting). So you may ask, how am I supposed to even get to know the person I’m dating? Well besides spending time with them doing different things or Googling questions you could ask on the internet, you could play the game Pando with them.

My boyfriend and I actually played this game a couple of times recently. I figured I would share with you guys our experience of playing the game as well as why it’s great for date night. So let’s jump into it!

Get to know each other this date night through the game of Pando | Date Ideas

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Pando is a trivia game you can play with others where you ask each other questions and learn more about them.

The rules state that you give the box to the oldest player so that they can read a card. The youngest player in the room is first guesser. The guesser earns a point by answering all 3 questions that are on the card. The questions asked are about the person who reads the card. Depending on how you guys setup the score points either 2 correct answers or all 3 correct answers result in a point. The person who gets 5 points wins.

So this game actually sounds like it would be great to play with a group of close friends or a family, but my boyfriend and I decided to play this game with each other…. However I’ll be honest, I changed the rules of the game. Basically when either of us would pull a card, we both respond to the question as if it was asked about the other person. The responses would result in hilarity… or actual debates.

Here were some of my favorite question cards.

Get to Know each other

This game was a lot of fun to play while we ate dinner. It resulted in great communication and laughs. This is a pretty awesome game for couples, friends, and families to play together. You realize how much you know or don’t know about the other person which can be amazing for feeling connected to the other person as well as just realizing the different things about them that makes them them.

If you’re interested in this game, feel free to buy Pando today!

You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Super love the idea of the game!!! I will get it for sure, i love Trivia game but this one has a bigger purpose, love it.

  2. What a super cute game for a couple! I would love to play this game with the hubby for a date night!

    cute & little

  3. Oh my gosh this looks FUN! I think I need to buy this.

  4. Elodie R says:

    Waouh ! Sounds like a fun game to get to know somebody 😉

  5. I was checking this game on google play store because your article. This is perfect game to get now each other of your partner. lol

  6. Joanna says:

    This sounds like a fun game to be played not only just with your loved one but with friends as well. It’s a great communication starter.

  7. I play this game with my hubby. Its a lot fun we did!

  8. Good games bring people together. We play board games all the time.

  9. have never ever heard nor ever played this game before but this sounds quite interesting and amazing one..indeed glad you shared this with us…great work though…

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