I bought Avatar the Last Airbender Hoodies on The Tynam | Review

Tynam Review
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I finally binge watched all of Avatar the Last Airbender and I feel like my social media was aware of that because I started being recommend Avatar related merch in ads. I came across this ad for Avatar hoodies and I knew I had to have them. I did some research to try to find any reviews on the Tynam website, but I didn’t find any so I went ahead and took a gamble on buying a couple of Avatar the Airbender hoodies.

Today I figured I would share with you guys my thoughts and experience within shopping on The Tynam so let’s jump into it.

I bought Avatar the Last Airbender Hoodies on The Tynam | Review

How long does The Tynam take to ship?

Shipping took a long time unfortunately. I assume it was due to COVID 19. I bought these hoodies July 3rd and the items shipped to me on July 7th. I didn’t receive them until August 25th. It took 53 days for me to receive the items I bought. So The Tynam took a month and a half to ship to me. I know I was extremely concerned about shipping for a few reasons. My package took awhile to get to the US. I want to say it took maybe 3 and half weeks before I saw any movement. Eventually it started moving and it ended up in one facility in the midwest for like 2 weeks.

I paid $199.96 for all 4 hoodies. Shipping was $59.97 and the tax on the items was $12.

I emailed The Tynam about my package and my shipping concerns after 27 days had passed. They reached back out to me within 48 hours and told me that packages can take from 20 days to 35 days to ship. They sent me a 20% off discount code because of the inconvenience of my wait. Of course I didn’t even attempt to use it because I didn’t want to spend anymore of my money on a website until I received my items.

They shipped my items in an extremely taped down poly bag which to be honest I appreciated. The package was also pretty heavy.

I want to say USPS dropped it off with the mail.

So firstly I’ll talk about the cons…

Avatar the Last Airbender Hoodie


Large and XL are pretty much the same size.

I bought the Metal bender and Water bender hoodies for my boyfriend with the intent of giving them to him for a Sweetest Day gift. Unfortunately he won’t be able to fit these. The XL is nowhere near an XL size. He has a muscular build so I feel like it’ll be a struggle for his arms and shoulders to fit nicely in this hoodie. He’ll also have an issue with zipping it up as well.

The bottom band is tight which makes it hard to zip up. I have to wear the hoodie on my waist. If you’re a person with more muscular legs or wider hips, this probably wouldn’t be a good buy for you. I personally am a woman’s size 12 / Large. I also have 38 DD boobs. My hips are a size 40.

The zipper is flimsy and cheap quality. I am actually afraid of the zipper breaking off at some point. I have to be very careful so that it doesn’t break.

The metal bender hoodie had some weird stitching and some slight marks that were flawed.

I also thought the fabric would be a bit thicker. I was thinking it’d be kind of like a fleece material, but it wasn’t. The material isn’t extremely thin, but it isn’t thick either. It reminds me of a sort of swimwear type of material.

I paid $49.99 for each hoodie and if they had been a bit thicker with a more durable quality zipper, I think these would have been worth the price.


The designs of the hoodies are exactly the same as the website with minor flaws.

Customer service was actually pretty decent. I liked that they responded to my concerns within 2 days.

The Avatar the Last Aidbender Hoodies

Here is the Water Tribe hoodie / Waterbender hoodie.

Water Tribe hoodie

Waterbender hoodie

Water Tribe hoodie

Here is the Earthbender hoodie / Earth Tribe hoodie.

Earthbender hoodie

Earth Bender

Earth Tribe

Here is the Airbender hoodie / Air Tribe hoodie.

Avatar the Last Airbender hoodie

Air Tribe hoodie

Avatar hoodie

Here is the Metalbender hoodie.


Metal Bender

Metalbender Hoodie

Would I recommend buying from The Tynam?

Honestly, I would say no I wouldn’t buy these hoodies unless you’re on the slimmer side. For example if you are a size small or medium in women’s sizes, you could rock these hoodies without much issue with the bottom band or sizing. You could wear these if you’re a large, but just keep in mind that if you have wider hips… this may not be ideal for you.

The shipping also takes quite awhile (2 months), but I am not sure as to whether it is only related to COVID 19 or if it is normally like this.

Overall, give The Tynam a go if you want to try them out. Just be aware that if you’re an XL… their items may not fit you.

You can also head on over to Amazon to buy Avatar hoodies too!

The Tynam Review

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