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9 Friendsgiving Food Ideas if You Don’t want to Cook from Scratch | Thanksgiving

Friendsgiving Food
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Friendsgiving is just around the corner, but you have absolutely no idea what you’re going to make. Well I have some ideas for you if you’re trying to figure out what type of Friendsgiving dinner you can have. Check out these awesome friendsgiving food ideas that you can make if you are not in the mood to cook from scratch.

9 Friendsgiving Food Ideas if you don’t want to cook from scratch


If you feel up to it, pull out the grill & cook some barbecue. I recommend beef burgers, beef hotdogs, chicken kabobs, and Italian marinated chicken.

Order take out.

One thanksgiving we all ate Chinese food and it was pretty nice to not feel overwhelmed by the idea of cooking. There was like a 10-20% gratituity fee attached along with the Chinese food we bought though since it was a holiday so be mindful of that happening a quite a few places that offer meals on Thanksgiving.

Have a Potluck.

Have everyone bring a dish. It makes the event simple and not too much for one person to manage. My go to is Mac & Cheese or some sort of dessert like brownies or a strawberry cake.

Cook, but cook prepared foods.

Rotisserie Chicken

Usually these are under $7 at both Walmart and Kroger. They are already cooked chickens, but you will have to warm them up a bit. 1 could feed maybe 3 people. They usually sell out pretty fast.

Pork Loin Roast

Kroger has a delicious pork loin roast that you can buy and cook in the oven. It already has the seasoning on it and everything.

Stouffers Lasagna

I am a huge fan of the Stouffer Lasagnas. You could buy 2 or 3 of these and feed like 10 people.

Potato Salad

Buy some potato salad from Walmart or Kroger for under $8. I usually add some sweet relish to mine and it tastes pretty good.

Pillsbury Biscuits/Crescents or Garlic Cheddar Biscuits

It’s always great to have bread. They’re filling and they compliment practically any meal. Usually Pillsbury biscuits and crescents have coupons you can get to save money on them. You can also make some garlic cheddar biscuits by buying a Red Lobster Garlic Biscuit box.

Regular Salad

Grab some salad in a bag, cut up a cucumber, and throw in some baby tomatoes. Boom! A delicious salad!

Cinnamon Rolls or Sweet Potato Pie

Either make some Pillsbury cinnamon rolls or buy an already made sweet potato pie. I am a huge fan of the ones they sell at Honey Baked Ham. Walmart also has some scrumptious ones in the bakery section.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this Friendsgiving food idea roundup! Let me know what you’re thinking about eating for Friendsgiving or what foods you ate for Friendsgiving by leaving a comment down below!

Friendsgiving Food

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