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7 Pros of Online College | From an Online College Graduate

Online College

A lot of people always ask me what were the pros of online college since I spent 5 years going to college online. Today I figured I would share with you guys the benefits of online college. So let’s jump into these perks of attending college online!

7 Pros of Online College | From an Online College Graduate

You can wear your pajamas to class.

This means you don’t even have to worry about what you’re going to wear. You can just roll over and start working on your assignments.

You’ll save money depending on your situation.

You won’t have to drive to your campus if you’re living off campus. You won’t have to spend money on clothes because you can work in class in loungewear. You won’t have to invest in a backpack or other school supplies. You also won’t have to print papers out. You just submit your files in online.

No need for traveling to class everyday because you can just grab your laptop or tablet and jump right into class.

There is no need to have to walk across campus or rush to get to a class. You’ll never be late unless you turn an assignment in late. You can simply turn your laptop on and log into class.

You can watch Youtube videos to learn.

Educational Youtube videos are your friend. Learn more when you look up your topics online. Youtube videos helped me so much within understanding Psychology terms.

If you’re an introvert, you’ll love going to college online.

I know I did because it meant minimal interaction in person which is the most draining for me. I could just make some comments for participation in my classes and hand in my papers without doing too much. Even group assignments (which were minimal), we had a group chat section on Blackboard where we interacted and it didn’t take much time or effort.

Some classes don’t require books.

I had quite a few classes that had books on the syllabus, but we maybe used the book once or could simply use the book as a reference for assignments. I absolutely loved those classes because that meant I could save more money.

To be honest, most of the answers to homework assignments and tests are online.

When I tell you guys that a lot of times you could just copy and paste a question into Google and find the answers online… This happened a lot for my Science and History classes where there were multiple choice answers.

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So I hope that you guys found these pros of online college helpful within making your decision in whether online college would be the best move for you if you’re interested in going to college online. Thanks again for reading and if you have any questions, feel free to leave them down below!

Online College

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