I tried the Ritz Cheese Crispers! | Review

Ritz Crispers
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This product was sent to me to try for free. All opinions are my own.

I am always on the hunt for some tasty snacks that I can eat throughout the day when I am in between meals. I was really excited when Influenster reached out to me to try these Ritz Cheese Crispers crackers so I figured I would share with you guys my thoughts on these potato and wheat chips.

I tried the Ritz Cheese Crispers! | Review

Ritz Crispers

Influenster sent me the Ritz Cheese Crispers in Cheddar and you can buy them at Target. When I tell you these things are pretty salty, they are extremely salt filled. I don’t know if it is just my tastebuds changing, but these taste like cheesy crackers loaded with salt. My boyfriend really enjoyed snacking on these. I think that anyone that is a fan of salty snacks will love these. I feel like children would probably like these a lot too. You can taste the cheddar. The chips are thin and they give me cracker vibes, but a bit harder than a cracker. You would definitely have to pair these chips with something like a sandwich or some sort of fruity drink/ fruit in general to balance out the salt. They honestly kind of remind me of a more cheddary saltier Cheez-It cracker.

Ritz Crispers Review

Each pack is 100 calories which is great if you’re counting your calories.

Ritz Crispers

I also want to give a shouout to Influenster for including a shopping bag. I have been in the need for a shopping bag for whenever I go grocery shopping at stores like Aldi’s or GFS.

Overall, I would recommend these Ritz cheese crispers for someone who likes cheddar and likes extremely salty snacks. They aren’t really my cup of tea to be honest, but you guys may like them.

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  1. I love almost all ritz treats, but this one would not be my favorite. I bet my boys would absolutely adore them though!

  2. Ooooh those look yummy! Sounds like a need to try a new snack!

  3. ashley t says:

    these sound delicious! I love ritz and I love cheese so these would be perfect for me.

  4. Joanna says:

    Are these new? I don’t know why I remember trying them before. Maybe they have been in my country for longer. I really like their cheddar taste, very cheesy.

  5. These are definitely for me i just love extremely salty snacks…indeed glad you shared an honest review with us..great work though…

  6. These are really good snacks. But I need to put them into a bowl, otherwise, they’ll be all gone.

  7. didn’t try these but it’s so cute! Looks like a perfect for a party and game night

  8. These are my absolute favorite, I could eat these every single day. My kids love them too.

  9. Marjie Mare says:

    I will get them tomorrow. How could I miss that. I love Ritz crackers but haven’t had the cheese crispers yet.

  10. I love salty snacks so yes, would love to try these Ritz cheese crispers 😍 Thanks for the review ❤️

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