27 Funny Netflix Comedy Shows to Binge Watch

Netflix Comedy Shows

Looking for a laugh? Today I decided to share with you guys my top 25 hilarious Netflix comedy shows that will help calm your nerves and make you chuckle a bit. Check out these comedy shows on Netflix today!

27 Funny Netflix Comedy Shows to binge watch

New Girl

Zoey, a quirky elementary school teacher ends up going through a bad breakup and decides to move into a loft with 3 other men. They end up going through different things in life and going on different adventures as they come to terms with the adult life in their late 20s/early 30s.

I’ve binge watched this show 3 times and it always makes me laugh. I love the relationships between all of the main characters on this show.

I’m Sorry

This funny show is about a writer who navigates marriage, motherhood, her career, and her social life in Suburban L.A.

I just started watching this and a lot of the scenarios that happens are hilarious.

Santa Clarita Diet

A couple of realtors raising their teenage daughter ends up going through a transformation when they realize the mom is becoming an undead and craves human flesh.

Astronomy Club The Sketch Show

This show is basically a comedy showed filled with hilarious clips related to black culture based on what I’ve seen in the first few episodes. It had me cracking up.

Living with Yourself

Lurking inside you is another you that is a better you that everyone is going to love. It’s an existential crisis.

Bad Education

A teacher who sees himself a a maverick, faculty rebel, and radical actually seems to be just as immature as his students.

Girlfriends Guide to Divorce

This is a comedy drama about a self help book author who is going through a divorce and ends up making new friends as she navigates her newly single life.

Frankie & Beverly

2 women are invited to dinner by their husbands only to find out that their husbands are divorcing them…. to get married to each other. As these women come to terms with their soon to be exes being gay, they learn to come together as well as accept each other all while trying to navigate life in their 60+ years of age.

This is one of my favorite series on Netflix!


This show is about a group of friends who attend community college.

Sister Sister

Twins sisters that were separated at birth end up finding each other by coincidence while shopping at the mall with their parents. They end up getting into a world of trouble as they learn about each other as they grow up as teens in Michigan.

I grew up with this series when I was a kid and I am so happy that it is on Netflix!


This show follows Joan, a successful lawyer and her friends (Tony [successful realtor], Mya [legal secretary], Lynn [Multiple degree having free spirit]), & William [another successful lawyer, but male friend of the group]) as they go through journeys of life with dating, family issues, and making attempts towards being successful in their careers.

This slightly parallels Sex and the City with the main characters being 4 bestfriends going through life in their 20s-30s, but I enjoyed this series much better than Sex and the City to be honest.

Arrested Development

This show is about a formerly wealthy dysfunctional family.


This is an adult animate comedy series about trying to maintain sanity within trying to have a successful career in an office while also having rock band karaoke sessions to express your inner turmoil.

The Good Place

She only looked out for herself and that she’s dead, she’s going to have to make a transformation.


A couple gets a divorce. They seem to work even better as co-parents and dare I say…. best friends?

Nurse Jackie

ER nurse Jackie gives her patients the best care while relying on Vicodin and Adderall to get her through the high stress days.

The IT Crowd

See the life of people who work in IT for the sutis upstairs.


This show follows a married couple who has a successful British sitcom. They end up relocating to Hollywood to remake their series for an American audience, but the network they work for wants to recast the husband and replace him with Matt LeBlanc (Joey from Friends).

Crazy Ex Girlfriend

She drops everything to move to California to be with the love of her life…. Maybe he’s the love of her life?

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

A midwest girl spent her last 15 years trapped underground and is released from her cult prison. She realizes the world isn’t what it used to be.

Great News

A mom and daughter become co-workers. It’s executive produced by Tina Fey.

It’s definitely worth the watch.

The Last O.G.

Tracy Morgan stars as a convict released after serving 15 years and he returns to his old neighborhood in Brooklyn, realizing that things are completely different and his ex-girlfriend (Tiffany Haddish) is raising their children with another man.

The Letdown

A woman’s life of hanging out late with friends changes when she becomes a parent. See her transformations with coming to terms with being a parent.


Diverse characters in Chicago are all experience different segments of the dating life as they go through transformations in their love life.

Workin’ Moms

See how motherhood can be a miracle as well as a hot mess for the lives of these working moms.

Young & Hungry

A young chef ends up working for a wealthy entrepreneur. See her transform his life as well as try to take control of her own in this romantic comedy style series.

A lot of online websites share that this show is about a food blogger, but she honestly doesn’t discuss food blogging at all within the first 2 seasons.


Let me know which shows you’ve watched by leaving a comment down below!

Thanks for checking me out!

Netflix Comedy Shows

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