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DIY Spooky Basket – The Halloween Gift Basket You’ll Love!

Spooky Basket

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This post contains affiliate links. I will receive a small commission if any items are purchased through my links.

When it’s Halloween, it’s time to get spooky. Today I figured I would create a quick tutorial for a DIY Spooky basket that would be great to give pretty much anyone who enjoys Halloween. So let’s jump into this Halloween gift basket!

DIY Spooky Basket – The Halloween Gift Basket You’ll Love!

Halloween Basket

Firstly, you’re going to need an orange container or basket to put everything in. I would recommend checking out Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, or Dollar General if you want to save money and buy one for under $6.

I actually bought the container I used in a 5 pack organizational container set from Amazon. I usually use the containers I bought for organizing things in closets and for gift baskets.

Here are some similar orange baskets.


Halloween dvds are a must for a Spooky basket or just to give as a Halloween gift.

I decided to add in some of my favorite childhood Halloween movies. I found these on sale for an affordable price on Amazon.

Hocus Pocus

Haunted Mansion

The Addams Family (Part 1 & 2)

You can also get other Halloween themed movies like;



Scary Movie Collection Set

Another thing to have in this Halloween gift basket is a blanket to keep warm and toasty.

I bought this orange throw blanket which is pretty comfy and it keeps me warm. It’s a great blanket for cuddling too.

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Spooky Basket

I made sure to include some candy which is why I added my favorite candy which is Reese’s. I decided to get the Reese’s Thins since they’re my current candy obsession right now.

You can also get the Reese’s variety pack as an extra gift!

However you can add in other candies that you love.

Here are some of my favorite candy recommendations for this Spooky basket!

Blue Raspberry Airheads

Kit Kats


Halloween Gift

The last snack I added was popcorn. I decided to include 2 for having a spooky movie night!

I bought a 3 pack of popcorn from Dollar Tree for $1 which is pretty affordable! You can also buy a pack of 12 for $4 at Walmart.

I also included an orange Fanta pop to keep in tune with my orange theme. I recommend Orange Faygo too! However, you can add in a different drink to switch it up if you like.


You can also add in other different items to your Spooky gift basket like a Halloween shirt, socks, a mask, or even a whole spooky show (American Horror Story, The Twilight Zone).

So I hope you guys enjoyed this DIY Halloween Gift Basket / Spooky Basket tutorial!

Spooky Basket Idea

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