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I bought X Men shirts from Teepublic

X Men Shirts

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I have been a huge fan of shopping for graphic tees since they are very easy to style and I can rep some of my favorite shows when I wear them. I am a big fan of Teepublic which is one of my favorite places to buy graphic tees that are made my artists. Today I figured I would share with you guys a Teepublic review starring 2 X Men shirts that I purchased from them. I decided to buy long sleeve shirts since the Fall and Winter season is rolling around so check out my Teepublic review.

I bought X Men shirts from Teepublic

How long did Teepublic shipping take to get to me?

I ordered from Teepublic on July 24th. Received my first shipping confirmation order email on July 28th and my package was actually delivered to me on July 31st. So the package took 7 days to ship to me which is pretty good. Teepublic shipped through UPS. They shipped to me my items in a polybag.

The Teepublic long sleeve shirts

I bought both shirts in a Men’s Large long sleeve. I like the looser fit. I’m a women’s size 12. A lot of times I am a large or XL in most women’s clothing depending on the fabric and fit of the clothes.

Check out my Youtube video to see the shirts in action!

X Men shirts

Storm shirt

The first X Men shirt I bought was this Storm shirt. It is absolutely gorgeous. I love the detail in the design. The artist who created this shirt also has this design with other X Men characters like Gambit, Rogue, Professor Xavier, Jubilee, White Phoenix, Nightcrawler, Magneto, Psylocke, Mystique, Jean Grey, Cyclops, & Wolverine.

X Men shirts

XMen shirts

I was pretty surprised that the shirt wasn’t see through considering it is white. I wore a black bra underneath the shirt to see if I could tell and you can’t which I love. It’s also a very warm shirt that you can comfortably wear in the Fall and Winter seasons. I definitely recommend buying the graphic shirts in the long sleeve style.

XMen Evolution

The second X Men shirt I bought was this X Men Evolution Rogue Social Distancing shirt. I love this shirt so much. Rogue has been one of my favorite X Men since I first watched The X Men cartoon (which you can watch on Disney Plus).

X Men Evolution

You can also get this shirt in the different versions of Rogue (The X-Men, WATXM Rogue, & X-Men Movie Rogue).

X Men Evolution Rogue

X Men shirt

This is a must have for any Rogue X Men Evolution lover.

You have to add this to your collection today!

Would I recommend buying shirts from Teepublic?

I have purchased short sleeve tees and now long sleeve shirts and they are definitely a must have! If you’re looking for some unique pop culture merch, Teepublic is the place to shop.

Also you guys.. feel free to check out my Teepublic affiliate store where I have curated pop culture designs from artists I love!



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