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I bought a Poison Apple Mug! | Hot Topic Review

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I have always wanted a poison apple mug ever since I found out it was a thing on Amazon. However recently I ended up coming across this mug on the Hot Topic website because it was on sale so I decided to buy it and I am in love. Check out my thoughts on this Poison Apple mug.

I bought a Poison Apple Mug! | Hot Topic Review

How long does Hot Topic take to ship?

It took Hot Topic 4 days for my order to be shipped to me. I made my order on August 24th and received the package on August 28th. They shipped to me through UPS.

The Poison Apple Mug

Poison Apple Mug

Poison Apple Mug

Big Mug

Back of mug

So the mug comes in a Disney branded box. The poison apple mug is actually pretty big. I could probably pour a decent amount of juice or pop into it. This is actually the first Disney mug that I’ve ever purchased and it is so beautiful. IT display the classic dripping face on an apple…. which is a reference to the animated Disney’s Snow White.

This is currently my favorite mug that I own right now. It would make a great gift to give anyone who is a Disney fan or a Disney villain fan. It’s also just a very unique mug in general!

So add this Poison Apple mug to your collection today by buying it from Hot Topic or off of Amazon. You won’t be disappointed at all.

Snow White mug

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  1. Gervin Khan says:

    This mug looks really awesome, loved the design by Disney. They make this mug enticing to the eyes and the color it’s giving out is wonderful. Loved it!

  2. Oh my gosh that is super cute, I would love to drink coffee out of that mug!

  3. What a nifty mug! And perfect for the cool weather that is coming and Halloween!!!!

  4. What a cool mug! That would be great for a fairy tale party!

  5. Super love the mug lol…Perfect for Halloween actually. Thanks for the review.

  6. Aww it looks so super cool and amazing one..glad you shared your experience with us…found it so useful one indeed…great work though..

  7. That is a really neat looking product! Really interesting!

  8. This mug looks super cute! You make me want to look into other mugs by Disney. It’ll be cool to get one based from Beauty and the Beast!

  9. It looks so different fom what I envisioned. It’s still a cute mug though.

  10. It’s the perfect Halloween mug. The mug is super cute to drink the morning coffee.

  11. Rose Ann Sales says:

    Wow.. This mug is so cute.. Love its bright colors!!

  12. I’ve seen the same at the store, but decided not to go with it. Halloween is everywhere!

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