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4 Harry Potter Dresses to Add to Your Closet

Harry Potter Dress

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I just recently saw these pop up in my email and I had to share them with you guys! Check out these gorgeous Harry Potter dresses! They also come in plus sizes.

4 Harry Potter Dresses to Add to Your Closet | Hot Topic Find

Remember to buy them before they sell out. Whenever I find something really cute (especially if it’s a dress or a skirt), it tends to sell out pretty quickly so keep that in mind.

Ravenclaw outfit

Ravenclaw Dress | Ravenclaw Dress Plus Size

Hufflepuff Outfit

Hufflepuff Skirtall Dress | Hufflepuff Dress Plus Size

Slytherin outfit

Slytherin skirtall dress | Slytherin Dress Plus Size

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Gryffindor outfit

Gryffindor Skirtall Dress | Gryffindor Dress Plus Size


You can rock these dresses with stockings, long sleeve or short sleeve tops, and even with sweaters.

So add your Hogwarts house dress to your wardrobe today!

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