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These Rugrats Joggers are everything! – Is Fashion Nova legit?

Is Fashion Nova legit
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So I’ve been an avid lurker of Fashion Nova. I tend to binge watch Fashion Nova try on hauls on Youtube. I purchased some jeans from them which I’ll be honest I wasn’t a fan of. (See my review for Fashion Nova jeans). However every now and then I see some items I like, but I never actually go for it and buy them. Recently while I was surfing Fashion Nova’s website, I came across some cute items that I knew I had to have so I figured I would share with you guys what I bought and my overall experience with shopping on Fashion Nova.

Let’s jump into this Fashion Nova review!

These Rugrats Joggers are everything! – Is Fashion Nova legit?

I ordered through Paypal. It’s one of the best ways to order items online.

How long does Fashion Nova take to ship?

I ordered from Fashion Nova on June 18th. I was sent a notifivation email saying that my order was on the way on June 21st. I received my order June 23rd. It took 5 days for me to receive my order and it was shipped via UPS. Everything was shipped in a polybag.

My measurements for reference:

38 DD

33 waist

39.5 hip

Check out the items in action on video!

Now let’s jump into the items I bought!

Rugrats Joggers

The items I bought

So I knew I had to have these Rugrats joggers when I saw them! They had 2 different pairs in stock so I bought them both. One thing I have to say is that every now and then Fashion Nova comes out with these Rugrats joggers and you have to snatch them up when you see them because they definitely sell out quickly in pretty much every size.

I bought the both of these in a size large. They’re very comfortable and I absolutely love them! The fabric is pretty thick for joggers. I want to say they feel like fleece and they’ll perfect to wear for the Fall as well as Winter seasons.

Rugrats Joggers

The blue pair are called the Four Eye Finster jogger.

Rugrats Joggers

The lavender is called the Don’t Be A Baby jogger.

Would I wear these joggers out of the house? I definitely would because they’re comfortable and they aren’t see through.

Rugrats Shirt

I also bought this Stinky Babies Rugrats crop top in the size large. It’s comfortable. It isn’t see through and the large hits me just under my belly button.

Would I wear this crop top out of the house? I would with some jeans or leggings.

Fashion Nova has Rugrats related items on sale from time to time, check out what’s on sale right now here!

Fashion Nova shirt

I bought a black knotted crop top called the Jay Front knot crop top. I bought it in a large. I untied it to see how it would look. I love that you can untie it and wear it without the knot. It hits me under my belly button. It’s comfortable and probably one of my favorite crop tops to wear since it goes with everything and it isn’t see through.

Would I wear this top out of the house? I would. I probably would wear it without the knot though because I did notice that the shirt would ride up my waist with the knot in it. I like the looser look better.

Fashion Nova Crop Top

The last item I bought was this red tee shirt called the Robin’s tee. I bought it in a large. I was disappointed with this item because it was see through and thin. I wore a black bra underneath it, it showed through. I wore a nude bra, it showed through. It was really unfortunate because I thought it wouldn’t be see through, but it was. You’d probably have to buy two of these in the same color and layer them so that your undergarments or boobs wouldn’t show through the top.

This shirt was made out of 95% rayon and 5% spandex. So if you see a shirt with these percentages of fabric.. it’ll probably be see through when you receive it.

Would I wear this tee shirt out of the house? The fabric was comfortable, but I definitely wouldn’t leave the house wearing it. I may keep it just to wear as a pajama top.

What were my overall thoughts based on this Fashion Nova review? Is Fashion Nova legit?

It is legit for sure as far as me receiving the items and the clothes looking exactly like the picture. I pretty much liked everything in this haul apart from the tee that was see through. I would recommend shopping here for graphic tees and joggers so far. The Fashion Nova shipping was pretty quick and the clothes are wearable in everyday life.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this Fashion Nova review!

Let me know what your thoughts are about the items I bought from Fashion Nova and whether you would shop there in the future by leaving a comment down below!

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  1. I love the Rugrats! These are some great buys and look super soft and comfy! I might need to buy myself a pair!

  2. I have never heard of fashion nova. I will have to look into it. My youngest daughter would probably love the rugrats theme on those joggers. They look super comfy!

  3. Rose Ann Sales says:

    Cool shirts. Can’t even decide which one is the best.

  4. Oh my gosh those are SO CUTE. I absolutely love the Rugrats!

  5. Chiache Ryl says:

    The Rugrats shirt is my favorite. It’s super cool and I love it!

  6. Maartje van Sandwijk says:

    THESE ARE AMAZING! I used to love the rugrats 😉

  7. oh wow these looks so damn amazing and lovely one…glad you shared this review with us..great work though..

  8. I love how comfy it looks. I’m sure that it will feel good on the skin as well.

  9. What a throwback! The 90s kid in me is desperate to get my hands on this Rugrats apparel! I need it haha

  10. They seem great if they are legit! Legitness is always a great factor to check within brands.

  11. These are so stinking cute! I grew up with the rugrats and it will always be one of my favorite tv shows! What a cute idea!

    cute & little

  12. These are too cute and perfect for those that loved the show.

  13. I grew up on Rugrats. These are so cute and they need a version with Susie on it!

  14. I love how cute they are and wanted to own it immediately, love the vibrant colors and vibe there.

  15. OMGGGG! I was obsessed with Rugrats growing up. I need these.

  16. Joanna says:

    The joggers look pretty cool and it’s great that they are warm enough to wear in winter as well. Not sure about the tees though, I personally don’t like any of them.

  17. I haven’t heard of this brand. But seems like the site is legit and has a great collection 😊

  18. Those joggers are so cool. I love it. i would wear them. I use to love the shot rugrats.

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