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Is Romwe legit? | I bought clothes from Romwe!

Is Romwe legit

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I have always been a huge online lurker of Romwe’s website. I would always see cute items that I wanted, but I never bought because I wasn’t sure if it would be worth the buy. So recently I decided to go ahead and buy some items from Romwe and I figured I would share with you guys my thoughts about the Romwe clothing that I bought in case you guys were wondering whether you should shop Romwe’s website.

Is Romwe legit? | I bought clothes from Romwe!

How long does Romwe take to ship?

I ordered from Romwe on July 30th. My order had shipped on August 2nd and I received my package on August 6th. In total Romwe shipped to me in 7 days.

Romwe shipped through DHL. I received my package around 7pm. I did appreciate that I could easily track my package and that they sent me text messages about my package. I believe it was because I signed up for the text updates from DHL.

IS Romwe and Shein the same company?

Romwe review

So I received 2 Romwe packaged items and 4 Shein packaged items. Apparently Romwe and Shein are sister sites so if you receive some Shein items from Romwe it’s because they’re pretty much operated for similar people.


Something to know about shopping for clothes on Romwe..

Every item has a different measurement so it’s good to measure yourself with a tape measure and to compare your sizing to their sizing chart for each clothing item you’re interested in buying.

Buy this tape measure so you’ll always know your sizing when shopping online!

Here are my measurements for reference:

Size 12 / Size Large or sometimes XL depending on fabric

Bust – 38 DD

Waist – 33 inches

Hip – 39.5 inches

The Romwe clothes I bought

Dragon shirt

The first thing I bought was this red and black button up dragon shirt (Large). I thought it would be a bit more oversized, but it wasn’t. If it had been I would honestly want to wear it out of the house more. The shirt is thin, but I absolutely love the design. I have worn this as a pajama top and I love it. If I had maybe C cup boobs, I’d probably wear it out the house more… but honestly I enjoy it as a pajama top much more.

Romwe dress

I love the yellow jumper (XL), but I must admit that it is a little on the thinner side. I would recommend wearing a short slip on underneath it just in case. You can adjust the height in which you want to wear it too.

Romwe shirt

I truly loved the way this top looked online. This is a white and black striped cropped polo shirt (XL). It’s unfortunately see through though. I was hoping it would be a bit more oversized, but it wasn’t. I would recommend wearing a black sports bra or black crop top underneath it because it would look better that way.

Dragon Shirt

I ended up getting another dragon top in the color navy and white (Large). I bought it in the same size so I unfortunately have the same issue where if it had been oversized I’d be happy about wearing it out. So it is another pajama top that I enjoy wearing since it’s pretty comfortable.

Romwe skirt

I was in the market for a black pencil skirt (Large). It’s thin and I for sure recommend wearing a slip underneath. I feel like panty lines could show so I recommend investing in some seamless underwear.

Plaid Jumper Dress

This pink plaid jumper (Large) is so cute. It is thin like the other jumper. It has one pocket on the chest. There were some loose threads, but it wasn’t a big deal since I could easily cut them off. I liked that they put in an extra button too. You can adjust the straps since there are 2 button holes where you can pull the jumper up higher or lower.

Romwe Jumper Details

So is Romwe legit?

With Romwe, you can pretty much buy the items you see online and receive them shipped to you in about 1 week (or at least in my case). The items I purchased were kind of thin depending on the fabric. I do feel like this is a website for people who have anything below D cups so keep that in mind if you have bigger boobs. Overall, Romwe has a lot of cute clothes and I would recommend shopping with them if you are looking for some affordable items that aren’t too pricey, but you do have to keep in mind that some items are on the thinner side. So these clothes seem to be more ideal for the Summer and Spring time.

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  1. Catherine says:

    I’m not familiar with the brand but the pieces look very cute and stylish!

  2. I’ve never heard of Romwe but i love the clothes you shared, seems very cool! Will check it out.

  3. What cute clothes! I’ve heard of Romwe and Shein for years but I have never actually purchased anything from them!


    Not heard of romwe before. It sounds like it worked out for you. The shipping time wasn’t too long either.

  5. Marta Skeledžija says:

    Those are excelent finds. Love the yellow skirt.

  6. I always wonder when shopping online how companies are for shipping and quality. Good to know sizes run different. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I need to tell my daughter about this. She’s a design major and loves buying boxes of clothes online.

  8. Glad you are happy with your purchase. I never buy from stores I’ve never heard of.

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