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DIY Francine Frensky Costume | Easy Arthur Halloween Costume Cosplay

Francine Frensky
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If you’re looking for an easy Halloween costume to put together, why not become Francine Alice Frensky from the 90’s childhood cartoon, Arthur. Francine Frensky was the sporty tomboy that was headstrong and competitive. She adventured into different things like being a team captain, running a play, and even establishing a newspaper that later became a blog. Even though her competitive attitude ended up getting her into trouble a lot of times, she stayed true to her friendships for the most part.

So today I figured I would share with you guys this easy Arthur inspired costume focused on Francine Frensky.

DIY Francine Frensky Costume | Easy Arthur Halloween Costume Cosplay

Arthur Costume

Francine’s outfit is very easy to put together. All she wears is a burgundy sweatshirt or sweater with jeans and red/white sneakers.

Burgundy or red sweatshirt or sweater – I recommend this one and this one if you’re looking for a similar top to Francine’s.

Blue Jeans – These are my favorite everyday jeans. I bought them from Target and I absolutely love them. They are true to size so buy these jeans based on your actual sizing or you can measure yourself with a tape measurer if you are uncertain about your size.

Red and White sneakers – I recommend these shoes and these ones as well.

You also need two yellow hair clips or barettes. You can buy this set featuring different colors for other costumes or to just wear in everyday life.


As for her hair, you can buy a brown bob wig.

Here is the one I recommend:

Reecho short brown wig



So I hope you guys found this Francine Frensky Arthur costume DIY to be helpful!

Let me know if you’re going to dress up as her for Halloween!

Francine Alice Frensky


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