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Red Summer OOTD – Cute & Simple Jeans Outfit

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I’ll be honest, nothing’s really happening today. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be cute. So I figured I would show you guys this cute Summer outfit that I love!

Check it out!

Red Summer OOTD – Cute & Simple Jeans Outfit


Jean Outfit

Red Off the Shoulder top – I bought this shirt in a large, but it didn’t exactly fit me the way I wanted to since I’m a size 12. The large is great for anyone who is a size 8.

Blue Jeans – These are the best jeans ever. They’re from Target and an absolute must have for your wardrobe.

Black Belt – This belt is from Agaci. I think I bought it in a 2 set belt pack for around $5 a few years ago.

Red Purse – I thrifted this purse by buying it on Ebay in a lot sale, but you can get a similar one here.


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My Flatlay Background

Black Tapestry – From Amazon


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Thanks for checking out this outfit!

Summer Outfit

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  1. I love wearing jeans but like to pair them up with the right accessories to make them look stylish. Your top, boot and bag selection looks absolutely perfect for a casual day out with the girlfriends!

  2. This outfit really screams summer to me! I’m not game to try the off shoulder top right now, but I’m loving those boots and the purse!

  3. I absolutley love that outfit. It is exactly my style. So cute!

  4. I love those boots! I’ve been looking for something like that! I think those will be comfy for when I travel and do long walks

  5. Marta Skeledžija says:

    I love that outfit. So confy and stylish. Boots are my favorite thought

  6. OMG! That red off-shoulder top is so pretty 😍 Love those boots

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