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I’m ready for Fall! – Outfit of the Day

Fall Outfit

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Fall is my favorite season and since I haven’t really been leaving the house too much this Summer because of Covid 19, I honestly haven’t really been putting in the effort to make myself look as nice as I should have been. With not being around anyone except my boyfriend for the most part and the 2 monthly trips to go grocery shopping, I practically almost never put in effort as much anymore.. but I know I need to change that because it is affecting my mood.

Staying at home is nice, but at the same time I do miss being around people just a little bit surprisingly (since I’m an introvert). I miss going out and exploring different downtown areas or boutiques. I am hoping things get better in the Fall. I know I do have a bridesmaid get together since one of my sisters asked me to be one of her bridesmaid, but I know I am also concerned about just being out. I suppose I’m kind of paranoid, but better safe than sorry.

Anyways, I’ll stop my rambling and show you guys this cute outfit flatlay I put together to cheer myself up. It’s honestly kind of a Fall themed grunge outfit, but I love it!

I’m ready for Fall! – Outfit of the Day

Leather Jacket Outfit


Grunge Fall Outfit

Shows I’m currently watching

The Vampire Diaries on Netflix – How many times I am I going to binge watch this show?

Avatar: The Last Airbender on Netflix – First time watching it. I’m almost finished with the series.

Sailor Moon Crystal on Hulu – I actually kind of like it better than the original Sailor Moon series.

Top 4 Songs of the Day

1. Ready 4 Whatever – Mya

2. Massive Attack – Paradise Circus

3. Sweet Nothing – Florence + the Machine

4. Crew – GoldLink

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Now onto the outfit!

Hufflepuff Outfit

Yellow Romper –> This is great for anyone who is a size 8 or below and also for someone who has a smaller waist to hip ratio. I’m a size 12 and bought the large. It didn’t fit me the way I wanted it to based on the measurements on the site. Someone a bit smaller in the size 8 range and below would be able to wear this romper though.

Yellow & Black Leather Jacket –> I just bought this off of Amazon this past month and I love it! It is my favorite jacket! I have it in a size large.

Fishnet Tights –> These can make any outfit stand out.


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Black backpack –> It’s cute!

This gives me slight Hufflepuff outfit vibes.


My Flatlay Background

Black Tapestry – From Amazon


I hope you guys enjoyed this OOTD!


Questions you can answer:

Are you guys still dressing up and putting effort into your look with Covid 19 going on?

What shows have you been binge watching lately?

Let me know in the comments down below!


Romper Outfit

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  1. omg all these amazing colors!!! I love love love Fall, the best season by far!!! Super love the outfit.

  2. Such a cute outfit for fall! I love the colors and those boots so much! I am so excited for fall outfits!

    cute & little

  3. Wow I love the color of these outfits so fashionable and stunning. I love this!

  4. I absolutely am in love with this beautiful fall colour! I need to incorporate more of that autumnal yellow into my own wardrobe.

  5. Sigh that yellow is BEAUTIFUL. Until this week I wasn’t ready for summer to be over but now? Bring on fall!

  6. I love the yellow romper, but since I am a 10/12, I will probably pass on it based on your description. Maybe a similar one will be better!

  7. I’ve never really worn that shade of yellow except when I was pregnant. I feel like mustard does not sit well with my skin tone but on you, I can imagine that it would look really good.

  8. I think you wear bold colors that reflect your personality! I’m sure you would look comfortable in those clothes!!

  9. I really love to those fall outfits. I’m in love with those colors as well.

  10. Great outfit! Looks so pretty and edgy. I like it, it is definitely something I could wear

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