I went online shopping on Bath and Body Works! – Review + Haul

Bath and Body Works review
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I usually go shopping on Bath and Body Works website twice a year (at least) and today I figured I would share with you guys a Bath and Body Works haul. I was really happy because they were having a Mix & Match Buy 3, Get 2 Free or Buy 2, Get 1 Free sale on select items. I ended up getting 10 items. 6 I bought and 4 I received for free which I was very excited about.

I went online shopping on Bath and Body Works! – Review + Haul

So firstly let’s talk about the check out process…

I always use Paypal. It’s pretty much the easiest way to pay for anything when I shop online.

How long does Bath and Body Works take to ship?

I made my purchase on August 4th, received an email that it had shipped August 6th, and received a confirmation email that my order had arrived on August 7th. So it only took 3 days for everything to ship to me. Bath and Body Works shipping was done through UPS which I absolutely loved!

What was in my Bath and Body Works haul?

Sensual Amber

I bought Sensual Amber which is one of my favorite scents of all time even though it is a retired scent. I bought 5 bottles of the body lotion and 1 bottle of the fragrance mist in the same scent.

I ALWAYS receive compliments on this lotion whenever I wear it. People absolutely love the way it smells and I love it so much!.

Sensual Amber

Cashmere Glow

I bought 3 of the Cashmere Glow body lotion (which is a retired line). I love put a drop of this lotion in hands, rubbing them together once, and rubbing it all over whatever I am wearing for the day. I’ll smell like the lotion for practically the entire day.

Sweater Weather lotion

Lastly, I purchased one bottle of the Sweater Weather (Super Smooth) body lotion. It’s one of the newer lotions that came out recently for the Fall, but I haven’t tried it just yet. I’ll let you guys know what I think about it once I have written a review specifically for it.

Overall, if you’re looking for some lovely scents to try.. these are the ones! I have been a fan of Bath and Body Works since I was in middle school. I still love it today!

Bath and Body Works haul

(13) Comments

  1. I was just thinking about doing this earlier today. Now I really need to!

  2. Rose Ann Sales says:

    Wow,the shipping time is awesome and I love the packaging.

  3. These products seems really interesting and they look pretty as well! Thanks for sharing your experience on shopping with us!

  4. I love bath and body works! I never can leave without buying TONS of stuff! great finds, enjoy

  5. Heidi says:

    I haven’t shopped there in years but I remember liking their products when I did

  6. If you like their products, this is a great deal. You’ve gone on a shopping spree!

  7. Bath and body works are really great product. I have been using this product for years and it is really smooth in our body.

  8. The packaging looks pretty amazing! Generally I buy such products if they smell nice so I hope they do!

  9. Awesome haul! Usually I’m all about their candles but I do need some lotion…

  10. Kristy Bullard says:

    I’m curious to hear what you thought about Sweater weather. Did you like it? It’s nice to know that we can order these things online since many of us can’t get out and go shopping in person.

  11. Kiwi says:

    I used to work at B&BW at 19. I loved that job especially around the holidays and they always had the best sales!

  12. Bree says:

    I love shopping at bath and body works. Usually when they have a big sale I stock up!

  13. I’ve tried amber before. I am curious about Cashmere Glow. How does that even smell?

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