I bought 38 DD bras! | Bare Necessities lingerie review

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I have been in the market for some bras for awhile. I’ve started gaining weight and I realized that most of my bras don’t fit. So I headed on over to Bare Necessities when I found out they were having a sale. I also realized I didn’t know what bra size I was so I decided to try measuring myself to figure out what size I was. Now I’ll be honest, I did get the sizing wrong like twice but I was able to buy some cute bras from Bare Necessities and I figured I would share with you guys my experience of shopping for 38 DD bras on Bare Necessities. So let’s jump into it!

I bought 38 DD bras! | Bare Necessities lingerie review

After sorting through all of the bras, I finally decided on two that I actually wanted. I’ve always loved the lace balcony bras, so I decided to go ahead and purchase 2 (one padded and one not) in different colors.

How long does Bare Necessities shipping take?

I made my purchase through Paypal on June 27th. Bare Necessities was offerring 2 day free shipping. I purchased to bras at $19.99 each and in total I paid around $43.

My order from Bare Necessities shipped out on the 27th and I received it on July 1st. So it took 4 days to get to me. Keep in mind that I did order on a Saturday and usually they process orders on business days so the 2 day shipping was accurate. They shipped through FedEx.

The bras

38 DD bras

The bras were absolutely gorgeous. They do have underwire as well which can be a hit or a miss for me. I’m not a big fan of underwire bras, but at the same time they do make my outfits look nice.

This black bra is the Camio Mio lace balconette bra. It doesn’t have any padding, but it does make my boobs look a bit smaller because of the way the bra is shaped. I love how sexy it makes me feel.

Bare Necessities review

This is the Camio Mio lace balcony bra in the color coconut creme. It’s a creme color with a little dash of pink. It’s padded and very comfortable.

The design of these bras are so beautiful and they’re actually pretty comfortable for me. I definitely plan on buying some more of these 38 DD bras in the future, but I also may opt for some more bras without underwire for sure.

Would I recommend shopping at Bare Necessities?

I would if you’re looking for some gorgeous lingerie that you can buy on sale. You can get a lot of these cute bras at a decent discount so feel free to surf their website. You won’t be disappointed.

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