I tried the Velveeta Cheesy Bowls chicken alfredo! | review

Velveeta cheesy bowls
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Whenever I go grocery shopping, I love looking around for new things to try. Recently I came across the Velveeta Cheesy Bowl in Walmart and I decided to try the chicken alfredo one so that I could share my thoughts with you guys on whether it was worth the buy. So let’s jump into this Velveeta cheesy bowls review!

I tried the Velveeta Cheesy Bowls chicken alfredo! | review

This comes with noodles and chicken in a tray along with the alfredo sauce in a separate packet.

All you have to do is peel back the film on the top of the tray and place it in the microwave for 1 minute. It gets pretty hot quickly since it wasn’t frozen. You then add the cheesy sauce and stir it all in.

Here’s what it looked like before I added the sauce.

Here’s what it looked like after I added the sauce.

Velveeta Cheesy Bowls chicken alfredo review

Taste and overall opinion

It does taste like chicken alfredo, but it does lack seasoning if I’m being honest. The noodles were cooked and they weren’t gummy which I liked. The portion size was kind of small so if you ate this for lunch or dinner, you would probably need to add some sort of side like a salad or maybe some spinach to eat along with it so that you’ll feel full. The chicken… The chicken tasted kind of like the chicken that is in canned soup. It doesn’t really taste all that great, but it also doesn’t taste really bad.

I will say that it would taste better when you add in some pepper and maybe even a little dash of garlic powder. I personally just added a bit of hot sauce and it made the alfredo taste 10x better!

Would I recommend trying the Velveeta chicken alfredo cheesy bowl?

If you’re looking for something simple to make within 1 minute that doesn’t require much effort, but just a little bit of seasoning… Then this maybe an option for you, but be prepared to add some seasoning or hot sauce because this chicken alfredo does taste pretty bland.

You can buy these in a pack of 4 from Walmart or as a single.

Velveeta Chicken Alfredo

(18) Comments

  1. Thank you for an honest feedback on the food item. I do find a lot of edibles are bland and I’m happy that you have pointed out such a thing!

  2. I always like simple when it comes to food. I haven’t had one of these but might grab one next time I see it in the store. Thanks for your honesty!

  3. My kids would absolutely adore this. It would be gone nearly as quickly as it hits their plate!

  4. What an honest review! A good meal for someone on the go all the time! Like you said, just add some seasoning! lol

  5. joanna says:

    I would not buy this to be honest. Ready meals are never good, especially the ones that have white sauce. They always taste artificial. I prefer to cook everything myself, it’s much healthier even if it takes longer.

  6. Well it’s too bad it tastes bland, however a little seasoning can totally help this. Sounds easy nonetheless.

  7. I love easy-to-make food. I guess this is soupy and delicious. Thank you for the instructions and your rating.

  8. This looks really interesting and I’m glad you shared your honest opinions with us! I think i might go and try this sometime, thanks for sharing your review with us!

  9. I’d give this a try but I think I’d stick to making the version that’s not microwaveable.

  10. I love Velveeta products! I haven’t seen this product in stores yet but will check it out.

  11. World in Eyes says:

    oh wow it sounds so delicious and tasty..glad you shared this with us..gonna surely give this a chance..great work though…

  12. Rosey says:

    Velveeta is nice and creamy. All of the kids in the family like it so I bet they’d like these bowls.

  13. I love fettucine alfredo! I’ll have to give this a try!

  14. I have never tried pasta and cheese with chicken before – it doesn’t look bad at all 🙂

  15. Kiwi says:

    This is interesting. This would make for a quick snack for young kids.

  16. Elizabeth O says:

    Hmmm I appreciate your honesty. I aways wonder why packaged foods look so much better on the packaging than on the inside. Hahaha. 🙂

  17. I doubt if we have that in my country but thanks for your honest review.

  18. Oh i love to try this. Its so easy for children’s snack. Thanks for sharing.

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