I tried the Revlon Influenster Voxbox! | Beauty

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I was sent this product to review for free. All opinions are my own.

Influenster sent me some makeup from Revlon about a month ago. I have had sometime to try it out and I figured I would share my thoughts with you guys about the items I received compliments of Influenster.

So let’s jump into this Revlon Influenster Voxbox.

Revlon makeup

I tried the Revlon Influenster Voxbox! | Beauty

Before I jump into the products I received and my review of them. Here’s my full face of makeup using these products.



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Shoutout to @influenster for sending me the @Revlon Makeup Box! I am looking cute during quarantine. I am a fan of the Revlon Photoready Prime Plus Brightening + Skin-tone Evening Makeup + Skincare Primer. It smells great and it does seem to brighten up my skin a bit. I also used the Revlon Photoready Candid Glow moisture glow anti-pollution foundation in 350. I picked the wrong color so it does make me look a bit grey-ish in real life. It’s lightweight and it seems to have some buildable potential, but I do feel like you’d have to use quite a lot for full coverage. Lastly I used the Revlon Skin Lights Prismatic Bronzer. On my skintone, this bronzer isn’t vibrant. I wish it had been though because it would have looked amazing. I think lighter skin tones would have a better experience with this. Again.. Thanks @influenster for sending me this to try for free! #contest #complimentary #LiveBoldly #RevlonMakeup #Revlon #Influenster #InfluensterVoxbox #Voxbox #MakeupOftheDay #motd #quarantinemakeup #quarantineface

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Now let’s get into these products.

Revlon Primer

Revlon Photoready Prime Plus Brightening + Skin-tone Evening makeup + skincare primer

First, I just want to say that I like the way this smells. It has a very fresh scent to me.

It didn’t feel like other primers I’ve used after applying it. Most of the primers I have used in the past have made my skin feel rather silky, but this one just gave my skin a simple smoothing feeling.

This is infused with lemon extract and Vitamin E & C which I love. I have pretty sensitive skin and I didn’t break out when I used it.

As for how it made my foundation look, it gave my foundation a slight glow… but it wasn’t too much of a difference to be honest.

I didn’t really see any evening in my skin-tone either so I do feel like that was an overpromise considering I did use it for about a month. However I did like that it made my skin feel kind of moisturized considering I have dry skin.

Revlon makeup

Revlon Photoready Candid Glow Moisture Glow Anti-Pollution foundation

So I chose the wrong color foundation which was my fault. The foundation did give me a slight greyish complexion.

The coverage was fairly low and it could potentially have buildability for coverage if you apply multiple layers. I didn’t really see much coverage though. My freckles were still apparent.

Revlon Candid Glow

Revlon Skin Lights

Revlon Skin Lights Prismatic Bronzer in Sunlit Glow

I was really excited for this, but I was kind of disappointed. I think the bronzer just wasn’t suited for my skin tone to be honest. I feel like this bronzer would be great for someone who has fairer skin.

When I applied this bronzer to my cheeks, I didn’t really notice much of a difference unfortunately. I was hoping for some glow, but there wasn’t much.

Revlon bronzer


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What were my thoughts on this Influenster Voxbox?

I won’t lie, Revlon dropped the ball with these products for me personally. Of course, I have to admit that me having the wrong colors for my skin tone were probably the issue. I will say that I think someone with a much lighter skin tone than me would probably have better luck with experiencing some pigmentation with these products.

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