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Is Shein legit? I bought Shein Clothing! – Review

Is Shein legit

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I have been eyeballing Shein’s website for about 3 years. I kept contemplating whether I would be able to fit the items or if the clothes were even worth the purchase. One of the things I am always worried about is whether items will even fit me because the sizing in online stores fluctuates so much or they aren’t meant for people who are midsized or plus size. Recently I decided to go ahead and buy some clothes from Shein. I figured I would share my experience with you guys so let’s jump into the Shein Clothing review!

Is Shein legit? I bought Shein Clothing! – Review

It took me awhile to pick out the items that I wanted from Shein. There are so many cute items that they have on their website, but I also had to be realistic and remember to check out their sizing chart. I am a size 12 and I am usually a large in most items. I made sure to compare my measurements to Shein’s sizing guide for each item since the sizing can fluctuate for each piece of clothing.

I recommend investing in a tape measurer for your body for sure so you know your exact measurements.

This is the measuring tape I currently use. However, here is a cheaper one with a set of 3 measuring tapes in case you lose one. I have 3 myself that I have bought over the years because I misplaced the ones I had and eventually found them randomly again.

Here are my measurements for comparion:

Bust –  36 inch –> 36 DD

Waist – 33 inch

Hip – 39.5-40 inch

I am normally a size 12 or a large/extra large in most clothing stores.

How long does Shein take to ship?

I ordered from Shein on June 11th and my package shipped out on June 14th. The package was shipped through DHL and I believe it was transferred over to the USPS local post office to be delivered. I received my package on June 23rd. So it took about 12 days for me to receive my package which wasn’t so bad for shipping. That’s how long Shein takes to ship or at least in my case.

What is the quality of Shein clothing and did my items look exactly like what I ordered?

The quality varies if I am being honest. Somethings can be see through and thin while other things can be thicker as well as made in a better type of fabric. It just all depends on the item.

The items I ordered from Shein

Shein legit

Yellow Romper – $19 (Large)

I am a huge fan of rompers and I wanted to add this one to my closet because I don’t really own any yellow. The fabric feels kind of weird. I don’t even know how to explain it. It is comfortable, but I guess at first touch with my hand.. I didn’t expect it to be. I wish it would have been a bit more looser on me in the hip area where it could have been flowier, but overall it’s a cute outfit I can toss on. It comes with a belt and it does have belt loops on it.

However, I will say that it does unfortunately tend to ride up in the crotch. I kind of wish that area was a bit lower.

Would I wear it in public? I probably wouldn’t because of the crotch situation. However I would probably wear it at home around the house.

Is Shein legit

Red romper – $19 (Large)

I bought the same romper in the color red. It comes with a belt as well.

It has the same crotch situation so I wouldn’t wear it out the house.


White & Black crop top – $10 (Large, 8/10)

I was pretty disappointed by this purchase. I was planning on using this top for a casual cosplay, but I most likely won’t be able to (or I may try to and just wear a white crop top underneath it. The white part of the shirt was super thin and I could see my bra underneath it. The shirt is a very comfy shirt to wear, but it was see through. I also feel like the crop top was rather high up.

Would I wear it out the house? Probably not since it’s see through. Also maybe if my boobs were smaller I would. I think I would be concerned about someone seeing my bra underneath if I wore it out.


Red off the shoulder crop top – $12 (Large, 8/10)

So I didn’t realize it, but I bought the same pattern of the romper for this crop top. It’s a really adorable crop top and it fits nicely on my shoulders.

However it does tend to ride up my stomach and it does sit uncomfortably on my shoulders where there is movement. This crop top would be great for someone who probably has a smaller waist than I do and who also has a B cup.

Would I wear in public? I most likely wouldn’t because it isn’t a practical top. However I would recommend it for a B cup person with a smaller waist.

Shein review

Floral navy tie up crop top – $16 (Large, 8/10)

I absolutely love this! It makes me feel so sensual. I ended up putting a safety pin in this because I felt like my cleavage would just be out there even more over time. This shirt is very stylish and honestly I feel like anyone could rock it. They also have this shirt in red and yellow. I am debating on getting it in those colors.

Would I wear this shirt out? I definitely would. It is really comfortable and I like that I can adjust it.

Shein scam

White Floral off the shoulder crop top – $12 (Large, 8/10)

This top has flowy sleeves. It’s comfortable, but I do wish it was a bit longer. I think my boobs were a bit too big for it, but it’s still a nice top to pair with jeans. It is somewhat see throuh since it is white, but surprisingly… because of the print of the shirt, you would barely notice that it is see through.

Would I wear it out the house? I really want to, but I know it’ll probably be uncomfortable where I would feel self-conscious wearing it or concerned about the bottom of the top riding up or the shoulder part fluctuating from where I positioned it where I first put the top on.

Shein Review

Red cropped long sleeve shirt – $9 (Large, 8/10)

When I saw this top, I knew I had to have it. It was $9 and I got it in a size Large (8/10). It has a collar and the shirt is made with this soft fabric, but it does feel kind of flimsy a bit. You can wash it and tumble dry on low, but I feel like if I did, it would probably unravel and fall apart to be honest.

Would I wear this top out in public? I have and I would. I wore it to the grocery store and I really liked the way it fit on me. I would 100% recommend these tops.

I also bought this shirt in yellow and light brown.

Yellow boxy ribbed crop top in Large (8/10). $9



Khaki boxy crop top in Large (8/10). $9

I would definitely wear these shirts with jeans, leggings, or even biker shorts.

Grey long sleeve crop top – $10 (Large, 8/10)

I absolutely love simple grey shirt. It’s my go to shirt for going practically anywhere. It’s very lightweight, but it isn’t see through which I love.

Would I wear this top out in public? This is one of my favorite purchases from Shein. It’s comfy and I can rock it in different ways, so yes I would and I recommend it.

Would I buy from Shein again?

I definitely would, but I know now not to get fitted crop tops. Looser fitting crops tops are ideal for my body shape and they don’t draw attention to my stomach uncomfortably. I also probably wouldn’t buy rompers from them unless I was a bit smaller to be honest or if I had a smaller waist.

They do have a lot of cute items that you can add to your wardrobe that are pretty affordable. I would just say make sure to check the sizing since it varies from item to item. You can have one shirt that maybe a medium & fits like a large while another shirt that says large, but fits like a medium. You for sure have to take your measurements and be mindful of each sizing chart for each item.

I will definitely be purchasing from them in the future to try out some other Shein finds for sure though.

So what do you guys think of the items I bought?

Which one do you like the best?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below!

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  1. The white off shoulder with the roses has to be my favorite along with the red romper.

  2. Celebrate Woman Today says:

    Very cool choices. My favorite is the last photo with the outfit which is casual and sporty.

  3. Gervin Khan says:

    To be honest, I am not a fan of ordering clothes thru online but those clothes that you’ve showed are really cute and looks really good on you.

  4. This is great! I’m always nervous about trying new companies too. You are rocking those outfits…AND those space buns! So cute.

  5. The clothes look absolutely lovely! I haven’t heard of the brand before but these look nice! I’m glad you got to share these with us, thank you!

  6. Mudpiefridays says:

    Your red floral top is to die for! I love the way your outfits look so cute yet comfortable. I wish I can look as cute as this in life.

  7. Suzanne says:

    The red long sleeve shirt really suits you. I feel more comfortable about ordering from them, as was worried from ordering clothes from Asia before and the sizing was too small in the chest.

    1. Thanks! Yeah you definitely have to make sure that you know your measurments and compare them to each item’s measurements since every clothing item has different sizing.

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