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Warrior Nun review
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I just got done binge watching the new Netflix series Warrior Nun and let me tell you guys… It was freaking amazing. This show was recommended to me this morning and I decided to go ahead and check it out. I finished the series after a couple of hours and it was pretty epic. I am actually kind of sad because now I have to wait for the next season. Hopefully there will be another season of this series because I want to know what’s going to happen next. I actually did a bit of research and found out that the series is based on the comic Warrior Nun Areala. So now I am going to stop rambling and share with you guys why you should check out Warrior Nun on Netflix!

Warrior Nun Review – Netflix Original Series

Warrior Nun has 10 episodes.

The war between the demon world and human world is constantly being fought as the Catholic church withstands demons attempts of taking over through the power of the Warrior Nun. When under attack Shannon, the Warrior Nun ends up dying and one of the nuns ends up bestowing the power within Ava, a paraplegic orphan girl who dies from mysterious circumstances. She is brought back to life and as she discovers the different changes her life brings, she ends up being placed between a world of trying to be normal while also contemplating becoming a warrior.

This show really dives into the concept of beliefs.

I thinkt hat was something I enjoyed a lot because who have the main character who has pretty much had the short end of the stick her whole life and she gets a second chance. However the issue is that she isn’t exactly sure what to believe in and when she receives all of these different powers… it definitely affects her a lot.

This is an amazing story with surprising plot twists I was not expecting.

I started watching this show, not expecting much of anything. However, I was captivated from the first episode. I started watching this series from the moment I woke up around 10 AM to now.. which is 6 PM. This show had tons of action with awesome fight scenes. I thought I knew the way in which things were going to happen, but there were twists that left me on the edge of my bed wondering what was going to happen next. I truly hope this show is renewed for another season because it was well worth the watch.

Characters I loved: Shotgun Mary & Sister Beatrice. I ended up liking Lillith too surprisingly.

Overall, if you’re looking for a science fiction fantasy show that is filled with action… then you will like Warrior Nun. It is definitely a decent “girl power” show in my opinion. I am a huge fan of Girl Power series. So I hope you guys enjoyed this Warrior Nun review.

Let me know your thoughts on the series by leaving a comment down below.

I’d love to hear what you guys thought about this Netflix series.

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