I bought Fashion Nova Jeans | Review – How do you know what size you are in Fashion Nova?

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I have always wanted to buy some Fashion Nova jeans. I always see people on Youtube sharing their hauls and showing off their jeans. There are usually more good Fashion Nova jean reviews than bad and I finally decided to go ahead to see if I would like the jeans as well. Today I am going to share with you guys my experience of shopping on Fashion Nova for jeans and my overall Fashion Nova jeans review from a perspective of someone that doesn’t have a small waist to bigger hip ratio.

I bought Fashion Nova Jeans | Review – How do you know what size you are in Fashion Nova?

So I am normally a size 12 in jeans and I realized that a lot of the jean sizing of the ones that I wanted were either a size 11 or a size 13. I was kind of concerned about it. I also was concerned about the waist measurements of a lot of the jeans. As you guys know, Fashion Nova jeans are for women with much smaller waists while having much wider hips or bigger butts in general. I just know that I wanted high waisted jeans, but the waist sizing guide really made me wonder if I would be able to find a pair that would fit me nicely.

My measurements unfortunately are not of the hourglass or pear shape status. I have big boobs, a thicker waist, and not too big of a butt.

Currently these are my measurements:

36 bust

33 waist

39.5 hip

Most sizing charts usually have women with a 20 something inch waist, but with the way my body is setup… I definitely don’t fit this mode of how jeans should fit at all which always makes me feel uneasy. If it wasn’t for COVID19, I would have definitely went to a store like Old Navy and tried on jeans to see what my best fit would be. (I’m still contemplating buying some Old Navy jeans in the future.

The disappointment was real after viewing the size charts, but I did decide on a pair of jeans that I wanted.

I decided to buy the Classic High Waist Skinny Jeans.

The sizing of the jeans in a size 11 was a 30 inch waist and a 41 inch hip. The Fashion Nova jeans size 13 was a 31 inch waist and a 42 inch hip.

I was caught between whether either size would fit since my hips would, but I hoped that there would be some stretch and give for my waist. Eventually I went for it and bought 2 different sizes to test out to see which one would be my better fit. I also decided to get 2 different jean washes just because. I bought the size 11’s in black and the size 13 in a dark denim wash.

How long does Fashion Nova shipping take to ship to me?

Fashion Nova shipping took about 7 days. It was shipped to me through UPS. They sent me my jeans in a polybag.

I used a discount code (because they are always having discounts) to buy these jeans. The 2 jeans were $34.99 each and I used a 30% off discount code from their website where I only paid $48.99 for both jeans collectively plus $4.99 shipping.

The fit of Fashion Nova Jeans

Fashion Nova jeans review

The size 11’s were so hard to button up. They were so uncomfortable on my waist you guys. I tried the sitting test and I received a world of hurt. My waist was pinched in so much. The muffin top overflowed. You can see that it’s my waist is bulging out a bit.

Fashion Nova jeans


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Fashion Nova jeans size 13 review

Fashion Nova jeans size 13

The Fashion Nova size 13 jeans….. felt decently loose on my actual legs. Talk about comfortable legs in jeans…. I haven’t been that comfortable in the legs in jeans since I was a kid. However the waist was still kind of tight. Don’t get me wrong, I could sit down in them… but I unfortunately did feel a bit of discomfort in the waist (probably because I had just eaten some oven roasted chicken and fries). However standing in the jeans and walking around in them was pretty nice. The butt/hip feel of the jeans was also much more looser than the size 11’s so they definitely weren’t anywhere near being tight tight on my bottom area.

Fashion Nova jeans review

Fashion Nova jeans size 13

Two of the things I truly didn’t like about these jeans was how my stomach pooch looked. I look frumpy in the front and in the back with these jeans on. The attention that these jeans give to my stomach pooch makes me so bitter. So if you have a stomach pooch like me, you have been warned… Attention will be drawn to that area and it makes it so noticeable that you have a belly present which isn’t what my concept of high waisted jeans are for to be honest. My butt also looked awful. My butt hasn’t looked this bad in jeans ever. Usually my butt looks round in jeans, but these made my butt look squarish. I love high waisted jeans because they make my stomach look slimmer, but these make my stomach look way more noticeable in the front. It was truly a disappointment, but I will say that if I wear a longer shirt or sweater over the jeans… it won’t really matter since it’ll be concealed.

I will say though that I did like the way my jeans looked from the side.

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Fashion Nova size 13 jeans

I also made the realization that if I would have gotten a size 15, my waist would have probably been much more comfortable, but I would have ended up with a saggy jean butt which isn’t cute to me.

Fashion Nova jeans review

So how do you know what size you are in Fashion Nova? What size are you in Fashion Nova jeans?

This is the first thing to do..

MEASURE YOUR WAIST AND HIPS! Make sure you take the time to measure yourself so that you can get appropriate sizing. Just because you are a size 12 in one pair of jeans, doesn’t mean you will be in another since sizing can be so different for various stores.

I recommend investing in a measuring tape so that you can always know your sizing.

This is the measuring tape I currently use. However, here is a cheaper one with a set of 3 measuring tapes in case you lose one. I have 3 myself that I have bought over the years because I misplaced the ones I had and eventually found them randomly again.

The next thing I do is..


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Check out the sizing shart and compare the fit of the jeans to the model. Choose jean sizing based on your waist.

Look at where the jeans sit. If the jeans are high waist, measure from a high waist perspective. If you plan on wearing high waisted jeans, look at the model and where the jeans sit on her. Then measure your waist at the somewhat equivalent placement of where the jeans sit on the model. If they sit on your actual waist above the hip area, measure that area.

I am going to be honest with you guys and just say that if you don’t have a legitimate pear shape or hour glass shape with a decent enough difference in your waist to hip ratio and if you have a pooch belly, these jeans will probably fit on you the same way. All of my measurements are in the 30 inch range. If my waist had been in the maybe 3 inches smaller with my current hip measurements, these jeans would have probably fit on me decently.

Pay attention to the stretch and material.

If you have a pooch belly, depending on the jean stretchability… It will probably be visible. The jeans I chose were made with the Super Stretch Fabric (47% Rayon, 32% Cotton, 19% Polyester, & 2% Spandex) which is why I was even able to button up the waist. However if they were made with a much more sturdier and non-stretchable type of fabric, I probably wouldn’t have even been able to button these jeans up at all.

For me I have a size 33 waist and the jeans I chose had a size 30 inch and 31 inch waist. I chose these mainly because I figured that with the hip size being an inch and a half to 1-2 inches bigger than me would be a better fit. If I had gotten the size 15 as I mentioned before…. the butt area would have been pretty baggy and saggy. They wouldn’t have been skinny jeans at all because my thighs aren’t bigger which would have made the fit looser. So that is something else to consider for sure.

My Jean recommendations

 High Rise Jeans from Target – Universal Thread brand

Most of the Universal Thread jeans from Target are comfortable and they’ll make your butt look good.

I’ve also heard a couple of Youtubers say that Old Navy jeans are comfortable and fit well too.

So what are my overall thoughts in this Fashion Nova jean review?

The jeans are cute and great for pear shaped women as well as hourglass shaped women. However, for me personally… because I do have a stomach pooch, the high waisted jeans didn’t do what I wanted them to do which was hide my pooch while giving me a slimmer waist. Instead it drew more attention to it. I definitely plan on keeping the size 13 jeans and attempting (for the 30th time) to stick to doing exercises to slim my waist down since the jeans are comfortable, but the attention to my fupa stomach area is disappointing.

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I will say that I do recommend buying other things from Fashion Nova like pants, tops, and dresses.

Those are usually a better purchase instead of jeans from my personal experience.

I hope you guys enjoyed this Fashion Nova jean review!

Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment down below!

(5) Comments

  1. Hannah says:

    Hi there! I just had a similar experience with Fashion Nova jeans. My measurements are pretty close too, I am a 40bust, 36 waist, and 41 hip. I just had a baby a couple months ago so I definitley have the pooch lol! What are your favorite jeans? And do you by chance have any black dress pants that you like the feel and look of? I’m trying to find pants that hug all of me in and am having such a hard time finding someone with a similar to my body type!

    1. Congratulations on your baby!! I’m a huge fan of the Universal Thread jeans at Target I also like Nicole Miller New York high rise jeans. I bought both of those jeans in a size 12 and they fit me nicely where there isn’t any attention to my pooch. LOL I’m still on the hunt for a decent pair of dress pants though. Unfortunately I haven’t had any luck yet. If I do find a pair, I’ll definitely share it though.

      1. Hannah says:

        Thank you and thank you for sharing!! I will definitley have to look into those. So hard finding pants right now not being able to try on in store! Much appreciated 💓

  2. Triss Walker says:

    I too was caught between sizes. I will say, for me, I wished I went with smaller size! I have a butt and it looks good in the jeans but the jeans are somewhat loose! They jeans are called SKINNY so I should have gotten a size smaller for a more tight fit as opposed to a looser fit!

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