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When does Fingerhut increase credit? | My experience of using my Fingerhut account

When does Fingerhut increase credit?
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I’ve been using Fingerhut for a long time now. It’s been 6 years of using my Fingerhut account and I’m a pretty big fan of it. It’s great for buying items on credit that I may not have the full amount to buy and for just building credit in general. If you guys want, you can check out my 6 year Fingerhut review.

Many of you are probably wondering when Fingerhut increases your credit line after applying for it and I figured I would share with you guys when my credit increased after applying for Fingerhut and using it.

When does Fingerhut increase credit? | My experience of using my Fingerhut account

When I first applied for Fingerhut credit, I was approved for a $300 Fingerhut account. I decided to use Fingerhut to buy a digital camera.

So I’ll be honest and tell you guys that I did have a late payment on my second payment after buying the camera because I didn’t realize how the payments posted. I think I posted my payment the day it was due instead of some days before.


I recommend making payments at least 5-6 days before they are due. I didn’t realized that it can take a few days to process.

Now after I continued making payments on time, I think around 2nd to last payment… Fingerhut increased my credit line. When I received a letter 2-3 years later that my account was about to close for being inactive, I bought Sims 4 and I received another credit line increase once I paid it off.

Fingerhut increased my credit by $300 each time they increased it from what I remember.

I have maybe made 3 actual online purchases on Fingerhut throughout the past 6 years and I have had my Fingerhut credit increase twice. So it’s possible that Fingerhut credit increase could be related to how much you spend and how actively you spend as well as pay it off.

So this was a short, but quick tip about the credit increase on a Fingerhut account. I hope you guys found it helpful!

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