How to Protest from Home and Support the Black Lives Matter movement

Black Lives Matter
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In light of the constant deaths of black people and the lack of justice being delivered, there has been an outbreak of protests. Many people of all races have come together to show their support for the Black Lives Matter movement which is a movement of the justice seekers / awareness for the countless murders of black people by racist individuals (police, radical extremist, etc.) and as well as the awareness of racism towards black people.

I know that many of you have seen the posts now and even over the years about the many black people who have lost their lives due to racial violence caused by police as well as racist individuals. You all are also most likely aware of the protests happening all over the US as well because they are statements to make a stand for equality, justice, and the complete removal of racially biased police officers.

I know that many of you maybe interested in supporting this movement, but you may not know exactly how to go about doing it. Today I figured I would share with you all some ways that you can support the Black Lives Matter movement during these trying times if you are not able to attend.

How to Protest from Home and Support the Black Lives Matter movement

Visit this website which shows a variety of ways to support black people during this time!


Share your support on social media.

If you would like, you could be vocal and share that you are here for the black community. Share that black lives do matter.

You can even reshare, retweet, and repost content that you’ve seen on social media as well.

Vote for someone who will seek justice out for black people.

I try to stay out of political conversations for the most part, but I will say to do your research and to make sure to take time to vote for someone who is actually for the people.. And when I say people, I mean ALL people; whether black, asian, white, hispanic, and native. The leaders of the areas you live in should care about all of its’ citizens and their injustices. Vote for someone who actually cares for everyone and not for someone who turns a blind eye.

Sign petitions.

There are a many of petitions that can be signed in support of seeking justice for the racial injustices that are occurring now.

Here and Here are some petitions you can sign now.

Educated yourself on Black History.

Take sometime out to read up about black people and how we have been treated.

Check out these resources.

Support black owned businesses.

Buy from black owned companies that sell products that you maybe interested in. From makeup to clothes, buy from black owners. Keep supporting black owners consistently and not just for the moment.



Feel free to donate money if you would like towards specific issues happening among the black community.

Here are some causes to donate to.


 I do want to say that if you do decide to attend these protests, please make sure to continue wearing masks and be as safe as you possibly can. I have seen multiple photos of people attending these protests within close proximaties to others without masks.

COVID-19 IS STILL HERE. It is not over.

Please be safe, continue wearing your masks, and wash your hands. Please continue to take the proper precautions to maintain safety for yourself, your family, and others around you!

The Black Lives Matter movement was created to shed light on not only the deaths of black people who were killed by racist individuals, but to also make everyone aware of the fact that many police who are in charge of the safety of the citizens do have racial biases which makes them unfit to wear the badge of protection. Not all cops are bad, but many do have racial biases which is an issue that should be assessed by the Heads of the police departments in every city.

So I hope that this was helpful and could assist within your journey towards supporting black people and the justice we seek.

Thank you for visiting and feel free to share this on social media.

Stay blessed!

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