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May Income Report + June Goals

Last month was starting to pick back up again, which is great considering everything going on with COVID-19. I’m kind of excited that everything is almost returning back to normal, but it is still a far way to go blog income wise. I feel like I am definitely on the way towards reaching my goals towards being a full time blogger at some point this year. I feel it, but at the same time… I do feel myself going back and forth with certain doubts about turning this into a complete career. Hopefully everything turns out for the best as time goes on.

So let’s jump into my May income report.

May Income Report + June Goals


I choose to write these income reports to keep tabs on my growth as well as struggles that I’ve encountered. This will help me see what works, what doesn’t, and what I need to work on to reach my goal of becoming a full time blogger.


I had an increase in small brand sponsorships and landed quite a few repeat customers.

I was really happy about the growth in small brands that reached out to me. Many of them liked my work and decided to work with me again so I am pretty happy about that.

I was approved for a couple of affiliate programs via Share-a-Sale.

I actually was kind of surprised by the approvals I received recently. I am hoping to promote the brands in various ways and to grow my affiliate income.


I barely did any promotion for affiliate linked posts.

I didn’t really market my affiliate linked posts. I feel like I need to up my photography game a bit.

I didn’t purchase any stock photos.

I planned on testing out stock photos last month, but I honestly didn’t have the income for it unfortunately. I am hoping I can do it in the next 3 or 4 months.

Mix is still down so I can’t promote my blog posts on it.

I am really saddened that I can not post and share my blog posts to Mix. Ever since April, I haven’t been able to reach the Mix website. I can’t reach it on my laptop, on my phone, or my tablet. I keep receiving a Privacy error and I’m not sure who to contact about it since I can’t even reach the website. I even attempted downloading the app and I still can’t get onto it.

Didn’t post as much on Facebook page.

I’ve noticed that when I post on my Facebook page that I see an increase in Facebook likes, but I didn’t really do much posting on it last month.

June Goals

Pitch at least 20 brands.

I am hoping to secure a couple of brand deals for this month going into next month.. So hopefully I can. I’m still trying to figure out my rates to be honest, but hopefully I’ll be able to secure at least 3 deals.

Join some more blog networks.

I have a long list of blog networks I want to join so that they can help me with acquiring more sponsorships.

Market more regularly on Pinterest.

I know I need to focus more on Pinterest for gaining more traffic because I haven’t really been giving it my undivided attention.

Workout at least 3x a week.

I started doing the Walk 3 miles workout last week and I love it. I definitely feel much more positive after I do it even though my legs kind of ache a little afterwards.


My Current Social Media stats

Pinterest – 11.2K followers (Pinterest won’t show my actual amount of followers, just a round up total [no change])

Twitter – 1189 followers (+15 new followers)

Instagram – 1078 followers (+14 new followers)

Facebook – 398 likes (+5 new likes)

Mix – So for some reason Mix is still down which I am very disappointed by. I am not sure what my following is on there.

Quora – 74 followers (+1) [Only posted one answer, 2.9k views in May]

Flipboard – 42 followers

Youtube – 31 subscribers (no change)

Total following = 14,252 following (+37 new followers)


May (collective) blog views: 3,620 views (+775 views in comparison to last month)

Unique views: 3,293 views (+746 views in comparison to last month)

Domain Authority – 15


Amount of blog posts I Wrote in May: 22

Blog post goal for June: 25

Videos I posted on Youtube: 0


My Income Report


Fiverr – $418.40

Affiliate Sales

Teepublic Affiliate – $3.30

Amazon Associates – $1

Viglink – $0.04

Income Report Total = $422.74


January Income Report 2020 + February Goals – $307.56

My February Income Report + March Goals – $107.78

March Blog Income Report + April Goals – $41.40

April Blog Income Report + May Goals$202.84


So I hope you guys found this Income Report helpful.

Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment down below.

Income Report

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