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La Girl Gel Extreme Shine polish

I received this product to try for free. All opinions are my own.

So I honestly haven’t painting my toenails in such a long time. It’s mainly because I don’t own any sandals that actually fit me right now which means I rarely show off my feet. However, since BzzAgent sent me some LA Girl gel extreme shine gel-like polish to try… I decided to give it a go and dress up my feet by painting my toenails. I happened to luck up and realize that today was National Barefoot Day (which is practically everyday for me since I like for my feet to be free without shoes and socks a decent amount of the time when I am at home). It’s also National Nail Polish Day which is pretty cool. So in honor of today, I figured I would show off my sloppy pedicure.. because it is in fact sloppy and share with you guys my thoughts on this L.A. Girl gel nail polish.

Giving myself a pedicure for National Barefoot Day!

Barefoot Day

So one of the colors I received was Desire which is an extremely vibrant pink nail polish. When I tell you it is eyecatching, it is extremely noticeable. My eyes divert straight to my toenails because they are so bright right now.

Painting Toenails

I put two coats of the polish on my nails and it is amazingly flamboyant. If I am being completely honest, I wouldn’t have chosen this color myself. I tend to stay away from bright vibrant hot pinks like this when it comes to anything from makeup like lipstcks and eyeshadows to even clothing. This is a very IN YOUR FACE color that’ll attract a lot of attention. When my boyfriend walked in from work, his eyes went directly to my feet you guys. (Then again it could have been because he hasn’t seen my feet painted and dolled up in awhile.

La Girl Nail Polish

The LA Girl gel nail polish dried fairly fast which I was happy about, especially for my baby toes. Overall, I would definitely recommend this nail polish if you’re looking for a gorgeous nail polish that is fast drying. It took maybe 2 minutes for it to dry which isn’t too bad of a wait.

I know I personally would love to get a few of the other LA Girl gel nail polish colors like Charming, Illusion, and Temptation on my toes. Those are more my pace for toenail colors for my feet.

If you guys are interested in buying and trying LA Girl gel extreme shine gel-like polish, you can buy this nail polish at Target, Rite Aid, and many other retailers.

Feet pics

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  1. I did not know there was a national barefoot day! But I definitely need to freshen up my toes!

  2. is an amazing and unique idea..,loved the color of nail paint it looks fabulous and quite attractive..Great work…

  3. I just painted my toes for the first time in FOREVER. It feels really good!

  4. Love the bright colors! I love pedi and often pick bright colors because I spend as much time barefoot as I possibly can

  5. That color is beautiful! I’ve been curious about this polish too.

  6. I did not know there is such as celebration as this until i read it from your post. Its fun to know and I like to celebrate with you too.

  7. Celebrate Woman Today says:

    I like the gels! This hot pink color would be so good for the Summer.

  8. Monidipa says:

    I always take a good care of my toes, and pedi is always good. Although this is not my colour but it looks good on u.

  9. National barefoot day?we surely learn new things everyday.
    I love the pink came out beautiful.

  10. That hot pink nail polish is so sassy, I love it! Being under lockdown has been hard on hands and feet and I too need a pedicure and manicure.

  11. Olufunke Kolapo says:

    I was just thinking about this yesterday 🙂
    That I haven’t painted my toenails in a very long time. Time to do that, thanks for the reminder.
    Love the hot pink.

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