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5 Reasons to watch Yu Yu Hakusho – review | Hulu Anime Recommendations

Yu Yu Hakusho Review
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My boyfriend introduced me to Yu Yu Hakusho 2 years ago and I have to say that it has grown to become one of my favorite anime series. If you’re interested in a story filled with adventure, growth, and overall intrigue then this is the show for you if you’re looking for a shounen anime.

5 Reasons to watch Yu Yu Hakusho – review | Hulu Anime Recommendations

Yu Yu Hakusho consists of 4 seasons. It has 112 episodes. You can watch it in English dubbed or English subbed on Hulu.

Yu Yu Hakusho introduces a teenage boy named Yusuke who is basically a tough guy who tends to get into trouble. However Yusuke has a soft side. He ends up dying within the first episode surprisingly. This event causes him to visit the spirit world and become hired as a spirit detective whose soul purpose is to defeat demons/”other individuals” who attempt to wreak havoc on the human world as well as the spirit world. With his powers he can live a human life while also having a foot hold in the spirit world. He ends up befriending a variety of different people who join him on his journey to stop the demons who are causing trouble.

This series is from the 90s.

Firstly, the opening theme song was life!

Once I started watching this series, I fell in love with the theme song and now I listen it from time to time. It always puts me in a good mood. I can’t help but sing along and dance around everytime I hear it.

Great plot line as the anime goes on.

I honestly greatly underestimated this series when I first started watching it. It somewhat starts off slow, but the show really picks up. You’ll see the development of not only the main character, but also the characters surrounding them. You’ll also realize that things are more than what they seem.

The fight scenes get better and better as the show goes on.

The fighting segments had me shocked at different moments. You think it’s repetitive initially, but eventually things really pick up with techniques. The fight scenes become pretty epic.

Many characters to love.. You’ll even like the villains.

I pretty much loved all of the characters.. even the villains to be honest. Well actually.. there was one villain I didn’t care for except, (coughs) Elder Toguro aka creepy shoulder brother. You guys will understand what I mean when you watch the show.

A lot of the characters gave so many funny moments. Their reactions to things had me laughing and using them as memes that I have been using ever since I watched the series.

My favorite characters are Hiei, Fox Kurama, and Genkai.

As far as villains goes, I absolutely loved younger Toguro and Sensui. Both of their backstories were absolutely amazing!

The fashion in this screams 90’s!

Lastly, I have to mention that I love the outfits. I plan on cosplaying so many outfits from this series!

Characters I want to cosplay for sure: Yusuke, Karama, Botan, Hiei, and Genkai


Overall, if you want an awesome shonen anime to watch.. Yu Yu Hakusho would be worth a great watch!

Start binge watching it on Hulu today!

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