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7 Ways to Save Money on Trash Bags

Trash Bags
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Trash bags can be pretty pricey, but for the most part everyone needs them. Today I decided to share with you guys some ways that you can save money on trash bags if you’re looking for a way to save some extra money or some trash bag alternatives. Check these cool saving money tips out!

7 Ways to Save Money on Trash Bags

Use grocery bags as trash bags.

Instead of wasting those grocery bags that you have around your house from past grocery shopping trips, why not start using those up by using them as trash bags? You’ll be using something you already have and you won’t have to waste money buying trash bags.

Start to recycle more and put stuff into compost.

Invest in recycling bins and start separating your trash so that it can be recycled. Also invest in a compost bin if you want to start composting.

Buy trash bags on Amazon.

Trash bags on Amazon can be $2-3 cheaper. Buy your trash bags online to save money.

Start buying off brand trash bags.

If you buy off brand trash bags, you’ll save some change to a few bucks.

Start shopping at CVS.

So CVS usually has 40% off 1 item coupons probably once a month. I usually will buy trash bags with that coupon. Instead of paying $9, I’ll only have to pay $4.50 for trash bags. Sign up for the CVS card to start getting coupons and start saving today!

Start using coupons in general.

If you buy the Sunday newspaper or check the mail inserts, there are usually coupons for trash bags maybe once a month in there. Use the coupon to save some change on trash bags.

Buy reusable trash bags you can wash.

I recommend these reusable trash bags because you can put them in your trash can in your home, toss the garbage into the outside garbage can for trash pick up. Then you wash the bag in the washer machine.

So I hope that you guys found these ways to save money on trash bags helpful.

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