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BIC US razor review
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I received this product to try for free. All opinions are my own.

It’s almost that time of year for me to start shaving more consistently again with the transition of the weather from cool to warm. I’m pretty excited to show off my legs this Summer for sure. I recently received the chance to try the new BIC US razor which is featured in Dollar General and I figured I would share my thoughts on using this razor. I’ve had it for about a month and I’ve used it a couple of times so I can give you guys a decent review of it and whether it’s worth the purchase.

So let’s jump into it.

BIC US Razor review

BIC US razor

So firstly I just want to say that the packaging of this razor screams high quality. The BIC US razor kit included a razor handle with 2 refills which I appreciated a lot.

This is the starter kit which retails for $9 at Dollar General, but you can also buy the additional refill packs which include 4 razor cartridges.

The razor is unisex which means both men and women can use it. It isn’t gender specific or exclusive which is great.

The design of the razor is very sleek and modern. The handle makes it easy to grip and use. I will say though that the handle does have a bit of weight to it. It is much heavier than any razor I’ve ever used that wasn’t electric. Apparently it is a premium metal handle.

BIC US razor

BIC US razor

The razor has 5 flexible blades that are lubricated and infused with Vitamin E and Aloe which I love. When you attach the cartridge razor piece, it really makes the perfect pair for precision, especially when I’m saving my ankles.

BIC US razor review

As far as shaving with the BIC US razor goes, it was pretty easy for me to shave my legs, arm pits, and arms. My arm hair is thinner and my leg hair is a bit thicker along with my armpit hair, but it was all fairly easy to shave. I did shave my bikini line a bit with it. Honestly, I’ll probably stick to using my electric razor when it comes to the bikini line though. I kept feeling like I would knick myself with the BIC razor so I was pretty hesitant about using it on that area.

Did the razor impact any changes in hair growth after using it?

The hair growth after using the razor was pretty standard. There wasn’t any difference from what I’ve noticed.

BIC US razor review

Overall, do I recommend the BIC US razor?

I definitely do. If you’re looking for a high quality razor that gives a close shave, then this is for you. It left my skin feeling smooth and slick every time I used it. I would still use an electric razor for my bikini area though if I’m being honest, but that could just be my personal preference.

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If you’re interested in buying this BIC US razor starter pack, feel free to buy it at Dollar General today.

I hope you guys enjoyed this BIC US razor review.

Let me know your thoughts on it if you try it by leaving a comment down below!

BIC US review


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