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7 Cute Throw Pillows to decorate your home

Cute Decorative Throw Pillows

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I am a huge fan of throw pillows. They are super stylish and they can add personality to any room just by adding one, two, or even 5 to a room. I figured I would share with you guys the beautiful pillows from Chic Pillow Covers. Chic Pillow Covers is a store on Etsy that sells designer throw pillows, vintage cushions, vintage scarves, vintage table runners, and even throw pillow sets that you can buy to decorate your home with ease. Today I am sharing with you guys a couple of pillows you can add to liven up your home.

Firstly, I just want to say that most of these pillows are handmade and made from a high quality linen. So you’ll definitely be getting the best of the best. You can also get these pillows in different sizes as well. They’re great to have in your living room, family room, bedroom, or even to just have in the hallway of your home.

You can buy these throw pillows for yourself or even as a gift to give someone you know. I recommend buying these as gifts for housewarming parties, just because, or even as a gift for a college student. I also think this would be great as a gift to give your mom, aunt, or grandmother.

Decorative Pillows

The Carolina Irving pillow comes in a variety of colors so it would be the perfect addition to your home. I personally love this pillow in the colors green, purple, and blue the most.

Decorative Pillow set

This set of 5 Kufri designer pillows would be ideal to put in your living room or family room as they would give the room a put together vibe. You could even have these pillows in various rooms within your house if you don’t want to have them all in one room. I would honestly keep mine in the bedroom.

This is the Lisa Fine Mughal Flower Monsoon hand printed pillow. It is a 100% natural linen pillow. It would be a great pillow to have on your bed or on the couch. I would recommend adding this pillow to your home if you have a grey, white, brown, beige, green, or blue couch.

Add this Trendy Boho Carolina Irving Cordoba Pillow to give whatever room it’s in some life. This would look great on a red, brown, beige, creme, black, or blue couch.

The Peter Dunham Textiles Isfahan Raspberry Stripe pillow is absolutely gorgeous. It’s a creme colored pillow with a beautiful design on both sides. It’s a wonderful pillow for anyone to own.

Lastly, this Kufri designer Karuso in Night pillow is navy with a cross design. It would look amazing with practically any couch or on any chair.

cute throw pillows

These decorative throw pillows will have you in love once you receive them. They’ll bring a brilliant vibe to your life that you’ll embrace.

So shop Chic Pillow Covers for your decorative needs and wants today. You won’t be disappointed. There’s something for everyone in their store!

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