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post quarantine
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I am so ready for all of this corona virus mess to be over. I’m an introvert, but being cooped up in the house has made me feel the urge to want to do things. All of the times I was invited out and declined… I’m looking back and thinking about how I took it for granted (to a degree anyway). So today I figured I would look forward towards the future with positive thoughts and share the top 8 things I want to do once the quarantine and everything with COVID19 is over.

Top 8 Things I want to do Post – Quarantine

Go out to eat at various restaurants.

I can’t wait to experience food being served at a restaurant again. I want to visit all of the restaurants I love and try out some new restaurants as well.

Visit a bookstore.

I really miss just walking around the bookstore. It was something about being in a space filled with stories to take me to a faraway place.

Do some window shopping.

I would love to just walk around some random downtown city and visit different stores just for fun.

Go to the mall for a pretzel and cookies from Mrs. Fields.

There’s something so satisfying about buying a pretzel from the mall. They’re so warm and they feel like love. I also miss even standing in the line at Mrs. Field’s for their delicious chocolate chip cookies. They taste like absolute bliss.

Go shopping at TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, and Ross.

I rarely go shopping, but since being in the house… I have been wanting to visit these stores to find some cute jeans and dresses to try on as well as buy.

Have a barbecue.

I would love to just barbecue and eat delicious burnt hot dogs while dancing to old school songs. That would be thee life!

See a film at the movies.

So the past few months before everything changed I was supposed to go to the movies twice, but I always ended up being lazy and backing out of it. I would love to go to the movies and snack on some overpriced food from the theatre.

Have a picnic in the park.

I haven’t had a picnic at the park in years, but I wish I could. Right now parks are closed and since I live in an apartment complex, there isn’t really any place I can actually have a picnic. So I am looking forward to doing it after this is all over.


So that’s my list of things I want to do post-quarantine.

What things do you guys look forward to doing after the quarantine is over? What’s on your post-quarantine bucket list?

Let me know in the comments down below!

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