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My Hero Academia review
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I have been a fan of My Hero Academia for a few years now and I can’t tell you guys how much I enjoy this show. It is definitely going down as one of my favorite anime series to watch. I would even say that it is probably in my Top 10 Anime series that everyone should check out.

Today I figured I would share with you guys my thoughts and feelings towards why I enjoy My Hero Academia. I would also love for you guys to chime in and tell me why you enjoy the series as well.

So let’s jump into it!

4 reasons why I love My Hero Academia | Anime

The growth of the characters have me clapping for joy.

One thing I enjoy about this show is how they give the spotlight to various characters instead of only a select few around the main character. I love seeing the characters thrive and growth within their powers where they make realizations, develop confidence within themselves, and find different ways to handle things.

I always enjoy the realizations of having a team and working together with your friends.

That’s one thing I really appreciate is how everyone can present their strengths and balance each other out where they are successful.

The fight scenes just get better and better.

I can’t even explain the tingles of happiness I feel whenever I see Deku fight villains. He continues to level up and I end up smiling hard as I see him transform into a true hero. I also like to see his classmates and superiors battle as well. The animation is absolutely brilliant.

The cosplay potential is endless.

Sooo I want to cosplay so many characters. Of course I want to cosplay Deku, but I also want to dress up as Nana, Ms. Joke, Froppy, Aizawa, Hero Killer Stain, and many others.

So those are my reasons why I am absolutely in love with My Hero Academia.

If you haven’t seen My Hero Academia, I definitely recommend it. It’s currently 4 seasons out which you can watch on Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Funimation.

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Let me know why you enjoy this iconic anime by leaving a comment down below.

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