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6 Benefits of a Long Distance Relationship | Dating Advice

Benefits of a Long Distance Relationship

Being in a long distance relationship may seem like a bad idea because you won’t want to be apart from the person you’re into for weeks or months at a time. However from my personal experience of dating long distance in the past, I did realize there were some perks that did come with it. Today I figured I would share with you guys why being in a long distance relationship isn’t so bad. Check it out!


6 Benefits of a Long Distance Relationship

Time will be spent on the mental and emotional more than on the physical.

A lot of times people tend to focus on the physical when they’re dating more than getting to truly know someone. With the distance within this type of relationship, you two will spend time learning more about the persons interests, dislikes, dreams, goals, and even their past.

You’ll appreciate the time you spend together in person even more when you do.

When I was in a long distance relationship in the past, I used to enjoy being able to see the person when I did. The appreciation definitely increased and it meant a lot.

You’ll tap into being more creative.

So it will be difficult to have a normal date night which means you’ll have to consider trying out some new options within dating someone long distance.

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You both will learn more about each other’s interests.

When in a long distance relationship, you’ll have more time to learn about the type of movies, shows, books, games, and music the person likes. You guys can share your interests with each other whether you read a book, play a game, or binge watch a show together.

If you’re someone who enjoys their me time, you won’t get as irritated with your significant other.

I honestly feel like as an introvert, I really enjoyed long distance relationships because even though I did talk to the person on the phone… I did have more time to myself that I didn’t have to dedicate to another person. Don’t get me wrong, some people can be clingy within a long distance relationship and they may want to be on the phone a lot, but for me.. I liked the concept at the time of keeping the distance.

You both will probably save more money because you won’t be going out all of the time to eat or go to different events.

Dating long distance means you probably will stay in more often. You’ll end up not spending money going out all of the time like you would if they lived right down the street from you.


So those were my thoughts on the benefits of a long distance relationship.

Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment down below!

Benefits of Long Distance Relationship

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