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Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong | Romance Movie on IMDbtv

Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong
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If you’re looking for a romance movie that will surprise you, then this is the movie for you. Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong is a movie I randomly came across as I was scrolling through the movies available on the IMDB app. It features Jamie Chung, one of my favorite actresses who starred in as Blink in Gifted & as Mulan in Once Upon A Time.

I decided to check out this romance movie and I have to tell you…. It’s been added to my top 20 romance movies lists!

Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong | Romance Movie on IMDBtv

The movie is 1 hour and 18 minutes long.

Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong is about a woman who gets lost in Hong Kong and a man she meets ends up helping her get to her destination. They end up having an amazing time together and parting their separate ways. A year later, they meet up in Hong Kong again and the journey is rather intriguing.

This romance movie is about 2 people who are actually decent individuals I would have to say.

Usually in the situation that these characters are in, the scenarios they end up in would have played out a different way… so I love that the characters were made to be actual legitimately decent people.

This movie kind of portrays the concept of fate or destiny in an interesting way.

Without spoiling the movie, I’ll just say that there are subtle hints of how things can be fated within this movie and the events that happen in our life… can ultimately be decided by the decisions we make. Do I or don’t I? Will I or won’t I?

The ending messed me up.

Now the main reason why I’ll say the ending messed me up is because I wasn’t expecting it to end that way which is why I would have to say this is a pretty great romance movie. You can definitely interpret the ending however you want to.


Overall, Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong is a wonderful romance movie to watch that will catch you by surprise. I definitely recommend checking it out.

It’s free to watch on the IMDbtv app!

Let me know what your thoughts were if you ended up watching it.

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