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10+ Xena: Warrior Princess T-Shirts for any Xena fan | Fashion

Xena T Shirt
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If you’re a big lover of Xena: Warrior Princess, then you’re going to definitely want to buy one, two, or a couple of these Xena T Shirts. Share your love for one of the strongest and bad ass women in TV history with these Xena: Warrior Princess shirts.

10+ Xena: Warrior Princess T-Shirts for any Xena fan | Fashion

xena T shirt

This Xena and Gabrielle half of a Chakram shirt is adorable!


Xena t shirt

Do you love these powerful women? Then you’ll love this Girl Power shirt.

xena t shirt

This Xena-Tina Belcher crossover shirt is a must have for a sensual warrior.


Xena t shirt

This “Support Equality” shirt is everything!


Xena Warrior Princess shirt

This “Warriors like Us” shirt looks great on practically any color.

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Xena t Shirt

I know I need this Xena’s Chakram and Gabrielle’s Sai swords shirt.


Xena T Shirt

This Warrior Within shirt shows off Xena’s sword and Chakram.


Xena T shirt

I know I need this Xena silhouette shirt.

xena t shirt

This “Ties that Bind” shirt shows Xena and Gabrielle striking a pose.


Xena T Shirt

Rock this “I am a Princess Warrior” shirt.


Xena T Shirt

This Xena Chakram shirt is a must have.


xena t shirt

I am loving this Xena: Warrior Princess logo shirt.


So that’s my roundup of some of my favorite Xena T Shirts that you can buy if you’re a Xena: Warrior Princess fan.

Also watch Xena for free on the Tubi App you guys!

Let me know what your favorites are or which ones you’re thinking about getting by leaving a comment down below.


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