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4 Reasons why I will always love Xena: Warrior Princess | Television

Xena Warrior Princess

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I will always love Xena! She was my life for so long when I was a kid and to be honest she is still my life. Xena was probably the first woman I saw on television (alongside of Sailor Moon) that displayed empowerment, equality, and just overall bad assery. Today I figured I would share with you guys why I will always enjoy Xena: Warrior Princess from a 90’s kid to an adult.

4 Reasons why I will always love Xena: Warrior Princess | Television

She was the first girl power character that touched my life.

I started watching Xena in the 90’s when I was around 7 years old. I remember faithfully watching the series every Thursday night (I think it was Thursday nights) with my family. I looked forward to seeing her fight gangs of guys and demolish them in under 5 minutes. One of the things I enjoyed was how all of the men who attempted to fight her saw her as their equal and they all wanted to be the one that said they killed Xena because she was known to be one of the strongest warlords throughout the land.

I also recall how excited I was when I received the Xena: Warrior Princess Playstation game. It was so fun until I ended up having to fight the cyclops. I never got passed that level because I hadn’t tapped into my inner warrior princess yet.

A strong powerful woman in charge of life and her sexuality

I think one of the things I loved about Xena was how they really stuck to her having strength as well as resilience. They didn’t make her weak. They did give her understandable flaws, but her acceptance of them helped her to grow. I also enjoyed the bond between her and Gabrielle. I actually really appreciated their relationship. They started off as friends and they had a lot of admiration for each other. Eventually you realized that they loved each other and were in love with each other. The vulnerability of their relationship and how they’d risk it all for each other was truly beautiful.

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Xena Warrior Princess

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Her redemption and growth towards a better life

Xena was the character that had a horrible past and was just trying to work on becoming a better person. People feared her. Her past caught up to her a lot (especially with Callisto). She was just constantly trying to do better and be better even though many people thought she was the absolute worst. The growth was real and I know Gabrielle had a lot to do with her growth too.

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The characters were so dynamic and brilliantly written.

There are so many characters that I loved on this show along with my main favs, Xena and Gabrille. I know for sure that Callisto will go down in history as one of my favorite villains. She was absolutely crazy, but the development of her character over time made her one of my favs. I also was a huge fan of Joxer even though he was ridiculously clumsy. Ares will always have a special place in my heart as well with his constant attempts to tempt Xena towards the dark side once again.

Also, I LOVED her doppleganger episodes.. They always made me laugh. Lucy Lawless will always be an amazing actress.

I just remember Leah (Hestian priestess doppleganger) saying,

“Praise Hestia. Praise Hestia! PRAISE HESTIA!”

Xena: Warrior Princess will go down into history as one of the most if not the most bad ass shows of all time. She was everything and I recommend that everyone binge watch Xena: Warrior Princess at some point in life. The show aged fairly well despite the special effects. The story line of her and Gabrielle’s adventures will always be a journey worth the watch over and over again.

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Now it’s time for you guys to chime in!

Did you love Xena: Warrior Princess?

What were your favorite things about the character or just about the show in general?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below.

Xena Warrior Princess

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