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50+ Cartoons on Youtube for Kids to watch for free – Entertainment

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There are a lot of cartoons on Youtube if you just know where to look. I used to be a huge fan of finding cartoons on Youtube and watching them when I didn’t have Netflix or Hulu. I decided to share with you guys some awesome cartoons for kids that can be watched on Youtube. So check out some of my favorite cartoons as well as some newer cartoons that are enjoyable for any child to watch.

50+ Cartoons on Youtube for Kids to watch for free – Entertainment

Many of these are playlists with most of the episodes included so that you can binge watch them all the way through for the most part.

Little Bear


You can pretty much watch majority of the episodes of Arthur on Youtube. This will always be one of my favorite cartoons.

Elliott Moose

See the adventures of Elliott Moose and friends.

Rolie Polie Ollie

George Shrinks

Watch George Shrinks, a 6 inch sized boy who goes on adventures and sees life in a big way.


Check out the adventures of Babar the elephant and his family.

Rescue Heroes

Through the Fairy Door

Rainbow Fish

Watch the adventures of Rainbow Fish in the ocean.

Vicky the Viking


See Rupert the bear go on adventures in his day to day life.

The Puzzle Place

This was one of my favorite shows to watch on PBS as a kid.

Alice in Wonderland

Check out the journeys of Alice in Wonderland in her day dreams.


See the adventures of Lapitch, the shoes maker.

Timothy Goes to School

See Timothy have fun and learn different things at school.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

4 young ninjas are turned into humanoid turtles.

Dennis the Menace

Watch Dennis get into a world of trouble as he goes on different adventures around his neighborhood.


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Atomic Betty

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

See the adventures of Buzz Lightyear. Some of the episodes are blocked from being watched in the US so just a heads up.

Street Sharks

While on the search for their father and evil scientists turns 4 young men into humanoid sharks.

Martin Mystery

If you’re looking for a show similar to Scooby Doo, then you need to watch this show. Martin and the gang deal with paranormal mysteries and adventures.

Bobby’s World

Anne of Green Gables

See the adventures of Anne of Green Gables.

Blinky Bill

Watch a Koala Bear named Blinky and his friends go on adventures.


This is all about Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat.

Woody Woodpecker

Check out the fun adventures of Woody Woodpecker.


See the adventures of Todd and his classmates as they get into different situations.

Berenstain Bears

Just type in “Berenstain Bears episodes” on Youtube and you’ll see a lot of episodes.

The Adventures of Paddington Bear

Jacob Two Two



This is a bit similar to Kim Possible.

My Dad the Rock Star

A boy tries to have a normal life even though his dad is a rockstar.

Liberty’s Kids

Learn about American History with this PBS show Liberty’s Kids.


See the ghostbusters deal with the paranormal.

Archie’s Weird Mysteries

Strawberry Shortcake

Growing Up Creepie

A girl that was raised by bugs has a different way of life that everyone else at her school who is pretty normal. Check out the adventures she goes on.

Rainbow Ruby

Polly Pocket

Barbie Dreamtopia


They’re rock stars and also magical girls!

Ever After High

Check out the children of fairy tale characters as they survive in high school.

Totally Spies

Check out the fun spy adventures that these teenagers go on every week.


See the journey of teenager Sharon as she navigates through life with her braces.

Angel’s Friends

This show is all about a beginner 15 year old guardian angel as she attends school and takes care of her designated human. She of course has difficulty since the evil devil assigned to them has to make them choose bad decisions. Check out what happens on Angel’s Friends.

Hero 108


Dog City

Garfield and Friends

Sabrina the Animated Series

The Pink Panther

So I hope you guys enjoyed this roundup of awesome cartoons on Youtube that you can watch for free.

Let me know your favorites by leaving a comment down below.

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