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I binge watched Van Helsing! | Review – Netflix Show

Van Helsing

If you’re a fan of vampires and action, then this is the show for you. I kept seeing Van Helsing being recommended to me after watching The Vampire Diaries for the 20th time and I decided to give a watch. I found myself binge watching 8 episodes and not realizing what time it was so I figured I would share with you guys some No Spoiler thoughts on why you should check out Van Helsing. I am currently on season 2 and I don’t plan on stopping my binge watching the show because it is pretty good.

I binge watched Van Helsing! | Review – Netflix Show

This is a Syfy show, but it is watchable on Netflix. There are currently 3 seasons on Netflix.

So firstly let me say that I watched the trailer for this show and I am so glad I didn’t see it first because I probably wouldn’t have had any interest in watching the actual show. The trailer is so trash and it doesn’t do the actual show any justice. I’m just going to be honest.

The show is about a post apocalyptic time where vampires are running the streets. A group of people are trying to maintain their lives in an abandoned hospital while one military man is keeping watch over a sleeping woman who hasn’t woken up in years. Some vampires get in and she ends up getting bitten, but she doesn’t transform and we realize she is more than what she seems.

Reasons to watch Van Helsing on Netflix

The slaying of vampires, other demons, and overall a lot of action

This show is filled with fight scenes and there is quite a lot of blood as well as gore. So just a heads up if you aren’t a fan of that kind of stuff.

The story lines are actually pretty decent

I think one of the things that I enjoy about Van Helsing is the mixture of different story lines and twists. The development of the characters is pretty good. They each have their own stories as well as issues to deal with. To be honest, I can’t even imagine how I would handle a lot of the issues going on if I was a character within this series.

I love the main character.

When I tell you guys she is bad ass, she is the ultimate bad ass. She is going through it. It’s a lot going on with her trying to figure things out and why things happened as they did. Her relationships with some of the other characters is interesting, but overall I like how she is kind of an Alpha woman.

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Overall, Van Helsing is a great show to watch if you like the appeal of vampire zombies, a strong woman fighting and realizing her destiny, and in general a great story with a lot of development.

Start watching Van Helsing today on Netflix.


I hope you guys enjoyed my Van Helsing review.

Let me know your thoughts on the show if you watch it by leaving a comment down below.

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