I used Sta Sof Fro Spray on my Natural 4C hair | Review

Sta Sof Fro Spray review
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If you’re a natural hair girl, you’ve probably seen the SoftSheen Carson Sta-Sof-Fro Hair & Scalp Spray before. I’ve seen it on the shelves of Walmart as well as my local beauty supply stores. This was probably the first spray that I used on my hair consistently mainly because it was pretty affordable. I’m a woman on a budget so budget friendly hair products are a must for me. I stuck with the Sta Sof Fro spray for about 3 years straight. It was the only product I used daily and I figured I would share with you guys my experience.

Sta Sof Fro Spray review

My hair does look more moisturized after I applied it.

One of the things I loved about this spray was how hydrated my 4C hair looked after using it. I usually would apply it after I styled my hair or sometimes during the process of creating my hair style for the day. For the most part, I would spray it on my hair to comb through the tangles and braid my hair or put it up into a ponytail. I would also spray it on my scalp and my braids to keep my hair hydrated when I was about to leave out the house.


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IT does leave my hair feeling soft throughout the day, but there’s a catch.

One of the things I truly love about the Sta Sof Fro spray is how my hair always feels incredibly soft. It doesn’t feel dry at all which is shocking for my 4C hair, but at the same time I would end up having to spray a decent amount on my hair to maintain it… which means that build up can happen as well.

More build up means I have to wash my hair sooner than later.

So if I use too much of this, I will end up having to wash my hair about a half a week sooner. I normally wash my hair every 2-2 1/2 weeks, but when I started using this every day… I would end up washing my hair every week and a half or sooner which is kind of a lot for me since I prefer low maintenance hair maintenance. This resulted in me using it every other day and not spraying as much so that I wouldn’t have an issue with build up.


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It made my hair feel sticky.

With this spray, I learned not to use too much of it because it will make my hair feel extremely sticky and leave it with a weird residue. I ruined a few pillows wearing this spray on my head and forgetting that it’ll cause a stain. I suppose that’s with a lot of products, but this was pretty overwhelming.

Do I recommend Sta Sof Fro Spray?

I do recommend it for anyone who is natural or transitioning to natural. It’s affordable and it does keep your hair feeling moisturized. This is a definite budget friendly must have for natural hair individuals.

For me I learned to use this spray when I have my hair braided up for the most part. I would just do a few sprays all over my head, pop on a wig, and leave out the door.

If you’re interested, buy a bottleĀ  of the Sta Sof Fro Spray today!


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So those were my thoughts. I hope you guys enjoyed this Sta Sof Fro Spray review.

Let me know your experience with using this spray in the comments down below.

Sta Sof Fro

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