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4 Fun Games to Play Online with Girlfriend or Boyfriend | PC Games

Games to Play Online with Girlfriend

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You maybe in a long distance relationship or maybe you’re just looking for something that you and your significant other can do together online… Have you ever thought about playing some fun PC games? Today I figured I would share with you guys 4 fun games that you can play online with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Some you have to pay for to download onto your laptop/computer while others are free. So check out these fun online games!

4 Fun Games to Play Online with Boyfriend or Girlfriend | PC Games

Divinity: Original Sin 2 

Game can be bought for PC (Windows & Apple), Xbox or PS4, Switch.

This is a turn based role playing game. You’re placed in a world where magic is outlawed and you’re a slave on a ship. You end up getting ship wrecked after some wild magic happens and you wind up on an island. You end up fighting to survive while also finding out information on where you are and what is going on. My boyfriend and I started playing this game a few years ago. It’s a lot of fun. Definitely one of my favorite video games to play in general.

Grand Theft Auto

Buy the game today. Make sure you you choose whether it’s on PC, Xbox, or PS4.

Steal cars. Run over people and indulge in all types of crime in Grand Theft Auto. Live the life you never thought you’d live in this crime filled game.

I don’t know what it is, but this game is always hilarious whenever I play it.


If you don’t mind getting into card games with dueling and strategy:


Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links (free)

Play this game for free today.

IF you were a fan of the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, then you’ll enjoy this game. You create/build decks filled with monsters and you battle each other. You can also battle other people online. I loved Yu-Gi-Oh! as a kid so this game is pretty enjoyable.

Learn to build decks with this video.

Magic the Gathering (free)

Play this game for free today.

It’s a bit similar except you have to strategically use Mana. My boyfriend introduced this to me and we play the card game from time to time, but you can also play it online. You can battle people from all over the world.

Learn how to download and play this game by watching the video.


So I hope you guys enjoyed this round up of online games to play with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Let me know which ones you like by leaving a comment down below.


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