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4 Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships Don’t Work | Dating

long distance relationships dont work
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Long distance relationships can be difficult to maintain if there are an assortment of issues present. Many of you maybe wondering why long distance relationships don’t work or whether you would be able to be involved in one yourself. Today I figured I would share with you guys my opinion from my own personal experience of being in long distance relationships in the past and why they didn’t work out.

4 Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships Don’t Work | Dating

Not being honest about whether you can truly have a long distance relationship in the beginning

I’ve been in situations where someone would want to date me, but they didn’t want to do a long distance relationship which would have been fine if they would have just been upfront about it. Some people just aren’t comfortable or okay with having a long distance relationship. I know I personally was okay with it when I was younger, but as I’ve gotten older… I feel like it would be pretty hard to have one because I like to actually be around the person IN person. It’s just better to be truthful about whether you can have that type of relationship instead of leading someone on.

Lack of communication

Sometimes people have trouble with maintaining communication. A couple may have plans to speak on Face Time at a specific time, but one person ends up forgetting and not remembering to reach out to their significant other about cancelling their plans. Then it becomes a habit of constant forgetting about plans made and the relationship just doesn’t work out. When you’re in a relationship, it is important to communicate everything. Communicate how you feel, whether you’re cancelling plans because of other circumstances, and to just be considerate in general.

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Lack of effort in general

Many times people won’t put in the effort to make a long distance relationship work. They may not attempt to put in the time for long distance date nights on Skype or Face time. They may not take the time out to communicate with their significant other as they once did… They will just start to not put in the energy and when the energy declines, the relationship will decline as well.


I’ve seen this happen as well as experienced the unfortunate result of someone entering a long distance relationship with me only to cheat. Of course cheating isn’t right, but I have to refer back to the 1st issue I listed. A person may not have been honest with the fact that they can’t do long distance relationships or some people may think that they can get away with cheating while being involved and they don’t think about who they’re hurting.


So those are the reasons why long distance relationships fail and don’t work.

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