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Top 7 Easy Online College Classes I took when I went to College Online | Education

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Going to college online was the best option for me because it was super convenient and it didn’t require much of a change for my life. A lot of you maybe wondering whether online classes are easy and I am here to tell you that some classes are actually pretty easy to do well in and pass. Today I figured I would share with you guys the classes that I found to be easy when it came to going to college online.

Top 7 Easy Online Classes I took when I went to College Online

All of these classes consisted of essays and participating in Blackboard discussions at least 5 days a week twice a day.


I absolutely enjoyed English class. I only took one of these classes. We read an assortment of different stories that were enjoyable. I want to say I actually ended up rereading some books that I read in high school in college. The class was filled with writing essays explaining my response to mostly reading comprehension questions. Tests were similar except there were a decent amount of multiple choice questions.

Creative Writing

We basically wrote an assortment of essays, short stories, and poems. It was probably one of the funnest classes I took in college.

Personal Finance

This class was the number one most beneficial class I’ve ever taken in my life. I learned a lot about managing money and investing. I took quizzes and wrote essays. The class didn’t require much time or effort in my opinion, but I think it was because I was actually interested in the class.

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I took a decent amount of Psychology classes since that’s what my major was focused on. I enjoyed these classes a lot because many of the assignments involved watching videos of experiments or interviews. Quizzes and tests weren’t too hard. They were mostly multiple choice.


Any class I took in this subject was filled with a lot of reading. There were many essay assignments that involved research. The quizzes were mostly multiple choice and I realized that for some classes the answers were on the internet which was pretty surprising.

Environmental Science

The same goes for environmental science or other basic Science classes. Many of the answers to questions on quizzes could easily be found online.


Taking a speech class online involved be using a webcam and reciting a speech without editing the video. The class required us to post videos to Youtube so that the professor and the other students could watch the video. Speech class was pretty easy for the most part. I even had a group project which involved a decent amount of collaboration between other students which wasn’t so bad considering I’m not a big fan of group projects.

I will say one of the benefits to doing group projects is that there is a designated space where you are supposed to interact and the professor could see whether you were involved or not. This was something that I loved because a person that wasn’t participating wouldn’t get any credit for the work done if they didn’t contribute.

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So overall those were the online classes I took that I found to be pretty easy. My opinion is subjective though. I feel like you definitely have to be a self-starter and self-motivated to go to college online since it isn’t the same as going to a college in person.

Let me know your thoughts on whether you found going to college online easy and share what the easiest classes were for you by leaving a comment down below!


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