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5 Long Distance Date Ideas for Date Night – Relationships & Dating

long distance date ideas
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Having a long distance relationship can be pretty difficult when you can’t see each other in person. However you can have some pretty cute and fun date nights… you just have to be creative. I decided to come up with a couple of long distance date night ideas that anyone can do together. So let’s jump into these date ideas for long distance relationships.

5 Long Distance Date Ideas for Date Night – Relationships & Dating

Watch a movie or binge watch a show while on Facetime or Skype.

If you both have Netflix, Hulu, or cable… You can watch a movie or show together. React to the movie and talk about it with each other. You’ll learn quite a bit about the other person’s thoughts based on their commentary.

Play a video game together.

There are tons of video games that a couple can play together. Whether you both have a Playstation 4, XBOX 360, PC, or if you just want to play a game together on Facebook…. You can have fun.

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Dress up and have a romantic meal together on Facetime or Skype.

Why not dress yourselves up as if you were going on a fancy date? Turn your laptop on or prop your phone up so that the person can see you as if they were across from you sitting at a table. You both can eat a meal together and talk as if you were on an actual date at a restaurant.

Read a book together and discuss it.

You could read a book together online and share your thoughts about it. I personally find that reading fairy tale and folklore short stories can be great for this.

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I also recommend asking each other questions by using “Get to Know You” books or questions online.

Have a karaoke night and watch each other perform different songs on Facetime or Skype.

Prop your phone up and have some of your favorite songs playing in the background. Do a song and dance. You can lip sing or actually sing the song. It’ll be tons of fun.

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So those were my long distance date ideas that you can have for date nights. They’re enjoyable and easy to do together.

Let me know what your favorite long distance date ideas are by leaving a comment down below!


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